6 Ways to Show Your Home a Little Love This Valentine’s Day

by Alex ThatcherFebruary 13, 2018

Valentine’s Day Isn’t Just About That Special Someone…

Valentine’s Day is here again, with its usual commercial pressures to buy the tastiest box of chocolate and the biggest bouquet of roses for your partner. But amidst all of the love and chaos surrounding V-Day, don’t forget about showing some love to other aspects of your life, too.

This Valentine’s Day, consider forgoing the usual candlelit dinner and instead opt for working with your partner or family to give your home a little extra affection. Winter time can be hard on a home — with snow boots tromping in and out of doors, cold wind beating at the windows, and not much natural sunlight to keep things warm, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse for a mid-winter refresher for your home.
valentines day for your home

1) You Can Still Buy Flowers and Jewelry

One of the easiest ways to brighten up your home in the winter months is to keep fresh flowers on multiple surfaces and in various rooms around your home. A burst of natural color will bring much needed life into each space. Treat yourself and your home by choosing a new vase, and then arranging a bouquet of flowers with a specific room in your house in mind.

If you aren’t into flowers, you can still give your home something special by hanging framed photos or prints that hold sentimental value, or by adding a new accessory to a room—like a lamp or an area rug.

2) Give Your Home a Good Scrub Down

What your home probably wants the most is a deep, thorough cleaning. With this in mind, this Valentine’s Day, methodically go through each room in your house, scrubbing floors, dusting base molding, window sills, and mantels, and disinfecting the nooks and crannies of your kitchen and bathroom.

Create a plan for yourself so that you aren’t overwhelmed by the process—you can spread the cleaning out over a period of a few days so that it’s finished by the time Valentine’s Day hits.
valentines day for your home

3) If It’s Broken, Fix It

Take some time to do inventory on appliances and other non-aesthetic aspects of your home. Then, choose a few things that aren’t quite up to par that you can upgrade or fix.

Seal up windows that aren’t working well with caulk and upgrade any tired insulation — your house will love it and you’ll thank yourself later. Read our blog post on quick weatherization tips for more advice on how to warm up your home sustainably.

If you have time and resources for a bigger project, consider giving one or two rooms a fresh coat of paint or updating old appliances.

4) The Small Luxuries Are Often the Best

If you aren’t ready to get a new fridge or repaint the walls, you can still update smaller appliances that will make a big difference to you and your home. A low-flow shower head, fro example, can reduce the amount of water you use in the shower by up to 50%.

YLiving’s shower head guide lists tons of shower head brands that will help you to save water without having to sacrifice amazing water pressure, like the Purist from Kohler. A closeup of a shower head turned on.

5) Get Some Mood Lighting

What’s more romantic than some warm, intimate lighting? This Valentine’s Day, invest in new light fixtures to bring a new glow and and energy to your space. Whether you want to add some recessed lighting to your kitchen, or just get a few new lamps for your main living space, lighting can completely transform a room for the better.

Show some love to the environment through your lighting choices — replace old bulbs with energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs that will also save you money. Energy.gov’s guide to buying the most efficient bulbs recommends installing dimmers, which will improve the ambiance of a space while saving energy.

6) Don’t Forget About Your Home’s Exterior

As you take the time to make small investments in your home’s interior, don’t forget that your yard and exterior probably want some love, too. You can add a festive Valentine’s Day wreath to your front door, invest in new doorknobs, or a new mailbox.

If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow, make sure that you keep up with your shoveling or snow blowing duties, to keep all driveways and sidewalks safe and clear. Read up on how to properly use a snow blower with our blog post on what to know before you blow.

Don’t Neglect Your Home After the Valentine Holiday

Fall in love with your home all over again with these Valentine’s Day tips that will reinvigorate your living space. After you take some time to show it a little extra love for Valentine’s Day, make sure you keep up with regular cleaning and maintenance so that your home can always reap the benefits of V-Day.

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