Easy DIY Valentine’s Gifts You Can Make at Home

by Alex ThatcherFebruary 12, 2018

Show Your Valentine Love With One of These DIY Crafts You Can Make at Home

Handmade gifts are a labor of love, so why not make your own DIY gifts to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year? It’s hard to resist the chance to save big, but making your own Valentine’s Day gift is about more than just cutting costs: it’s about intention, setting aside time to create something special for a loved one; and it’s about THEM: creating something that’s personal rather than generic.

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, there’s no time like the present to start crafting one of these DIY Valentine’s Day gifts!
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Romantic Libations With DIY Wrapping

Few things say romance like a bottle of red wine, so why not decorate you and your honey’s favorite bottle of wine (or beer) to turn it into a sweet and heartfelt gift. Our advice?

Think back: was there a specific bottle you shared over an anniversary dinner? Or a wine bottled in a location that’s significant to your relationship? The details make your DIY gift even more meaningful. For wrapping inspiration, check out this tutorial on making your own V-Day Wine Wrappers.

DIY Honey Jars

What’s sweeter than a DIY honey jar asking your Valentine to “bee mine?” This DIY craft is beginner-friendly. All you need is a jar of honey, a miniature honey dipper, and a small note that you can attach to the jar with twine.

Let those close to you know that they make your life that much sweeter! If you need a little inspiration, check out this tutorial: Bee Mine Valentine Tutorial.

A DIY honey jar and dipper.
via Earnest Home Co

DIY Hydrating Spa Gifts

Who said Valentine’s Day is just for significant others? This spa-style facial toner is the perfect V-day gift for friends, or even for yourself. Give the gift of a little TLC by making this all-natural facial toner recipe. With ingredients like aloe, hazel, vitamins B5 and C, this spa-worthy healing facial toner recipe helps to heal and regenerate skin.

DIY Game Night Craft

Not every Valentine’s Day has to be an expensive night out on the town; a quiet game night in with your favorite meal is equally as special. This year, turn up the charm by giving your partner a DIY set of Valentine’s themed dominoes.

Head to the craft store to pick up a few materials (rectangular wood pieces and paper-punched hearts), and follow this easy Valentine’s Day dominoes tutorial to make an endearing Valentine’s gift you and your loved ones can enjoy.

A dominoes game set with cutout hearts glued to the pieces.
via Warm Hot Chocolate

DIY Valentine’s Day Apron

Cooking is a great aphrodisiac, so why not inspire a culinary adventure by gifting your partner a DIY French Stripe Half-Apron? Linen aprons are lovely but often costly, with prices running upwards of $100. But with a little linen from your local craft store, you can craft a custom DIY apron like this one for under $10. Pro tip: Pair with some DIY recipe cards, or a bottle of fine wine, and you’re all set!

What’s your favorite DIY Valentine’s Day craft? Let us know!

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