Looking to Get Away? A 46-Acre Private Retreat in Idaho Should Do the Trick

by Jamey MortonFebruary 22, 2018

Discover Your Own Private Idaho With This 46-Acre Retreat

Calling all nature enthusiasts: here’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to own your own private Idaho! No, we’re not talking about the drama with River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves set in the city of Portland; we’re talking about a real opportunity to cultivate your own private retreat on 46 acres of beautiful Idaho property.

If you’re a buyer who chooses outdoors over indoors, nature over the city, and solitude over hustle and bustle, then there’s no comparison when it comes to this canyon house property. Read on to learn how you can buy your own canyon home — complete with the canyon — for under $1 million.

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Live Among Idaho’s Stunning Canyon Landscape

Yes, this is a home listing, and this canyon home does boast award-winning architecture, but the true value of the home lies in its surroundings. Overlooking the pristine Clearwater River, the canyon home looks out over its unique 46-acre private retreat. The home cascades down, matching the organic forms of the canyon, which provides awe-inspiring views of the pristine surrounding river landscape.

Sportsmen and recreational enthusiasts alike will go wild for the property’s expansive private river access. The property encourages outdoor activities that include fishing, canoeing, hunting, hiking and rafting. And if you prefer to simply just observe nature, you can set up camp on the home’s deck, grab a pair of binoculars, and observe white-tailed deer, eagles and geese, as well as other natural species that roam this one-of-a-kind property.

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Climb Your Way to the Top of This Iconic Canyon Home

While the real architecture of this property is the landscape itself, this Idaho canyon home is a designer’s delight inside, too. In order to highlight the green mountain range, the home’s design boasts a sloping roof that eases gently into the landscape.

As you open the doors to the stepped, modern canyon home, you’ll realize that the adventure continues inside: walking through the split-level home, you literally climb the hillside as you walk upwards from room to room, enjoying astonishing views of the surrounding canyon throughout.

Starting in the main living room, you’ll enjoy a cozy gathering space in front of a wood-burning fireplace. Imagine unwinding from a day of recreational play with a book in front of the warm fire, continuing to gaze at the river below.
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Behind the central lounge area, you’ll find a warm, wood-filled kitchen and dining space. Every meal enjoyed in this home will be accompanied by unbeatable views, making this the ultimate home for romance – with a partner, or with nature herself.

As you continue upstairs, you’ll find a stunning loft that serves as the home’s master bedroom. The space is warm and minimal, as exposed beams and unfinished particle-board floors create a rustic, cabin-like feel. Similar to the rest of the home, large glass walls offer views of the canyon from every angle of the upper-level space.
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Making Up Excuses Not to Buy This Idaho Retreat? We’ll Change Your Mind

Just when you might start to claim that the property is lovely but can’t house any guests, you’ll be delighted to know that there’s an additional bunkhouse that could easily double as a guest room or an artist’s studio, complete with a wine cellar for kickbacks or inspiration.

And before you start to quip that this home is too far-removed from civilization, the canyon estate is a short twenty-mile distance to Lewiston and the locality’s regional airport.

So if you’re scared to know what it might cost to acquire such a vast property, we have more good news: the canyon ridge home and its 46-acre property are listed together for $649K. That’s all it costs to acquire the grand retreat in nature you’ve always dreamed of!

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