A map highlighting the most heart-healthy cities (Oakland, CA, Minneapolis, MN, Boulder,CO, Cleveland,OH and New York, NY).

Most Heart Healthy Cities

Are you pumped up about heart health? You should be! February is American Heart Month and we’d be remiss to not mention some of the most heart-healthiest cities before the month is over. These cities are crazy about the cardiovascular system.

A map highlighting the most heart-healthy cities (Oakland, CA, Minneapolis, MN, Boulder,CO, Cleveland,OH and New York, NY).

Oakland, California

Oakland is the most heart-healthy city in the US. Oakland has a diverse healthcare ecosystem with hospitals and clinics that specialize in women’s heart health, adolescent and teen heart health, children’s heart health, and Native American health. The City of Oakland also has a low obesity rate, a low number of fast-food restaurants, and a good walker/biker population, making it the most heart-healthiest city. Oakland also hosts major events around heart health including marathons, the American Heart Association Heart Walk and more.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis is flowing with heart-healthiness! This city offers world-class advancements in heart health and cardiovascular surgery. The Minneapolis Heart Institute is one of the top-ranking heart centers in the country. The institute also has a foundation that helps to raise awareness of heart health by hosting year-round events like workshops, comedy shows, and a heartbeat gala.

Boulder, Colorado

Colorado is known for being a relatively healthy state.  Most Colorado residents enjoy outdoor activities centered around its major mountainous cities. Colorado is also invested in becoming a world leader in green industry advancements. With so much focus on health and wellness, it’s no wonder Boulder has the lowest heart attack rate in the country.

Cleveland, Ohio

Well-known for its medical field, Cleveland is a leader in cardiovascular health. Cleveland’s world-famous Cleveland Clinic is a go-to for heart surgery. The clinic is also routinely ranked as one of the #1 health centers in the country. Cleveland Clinic is the best hospital in the nation for cardiac care.

New York, New York

It’s hard to believe that a major city like New York City is a pillar for heart health, but it is. NYC is known for being a great city to walk and bike around. Most Big Apple residents don’t even buy cars, they prefer the NYC transit. Those that use the public transportation get in a lot of steps by walking daily – an exercise that is known for building a strong, healthy heart. For those looking to get heart healthier in NYC, the city offers tips on how to make NYC your gym… free exercise class, anyone?

If you’re looking for some ways to get healthier in your city, or you can find a home in one of these heart-healthy cities.

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