Are You Inside or Outside? Take a Stroll Through This Amazing Treehouse in Richmond, MA

by Sasha CarterMarch 13, 2018

We’ve Found Richmond’s Most Unique Home: It’s a Treehouse!

Whether you’re jumping on board with Pacific Northwest style greenery in your home, or you’re planning your annual summer camping trip to the forest, it’s safe to say there’s a small part in each of us that craves being out in nature. But between mosquitoes, lack of running water, and the ever-present dirt, being outside isn’t always what it’s chalked up to be.

So what if you could enjoy the splendors of nature without sacrificing a single modern convenience? In Richmond, Massachusetts, you can! Hot on the market, you’ll find this incredible, luxury treehouse that boasts all the warm comforts of a city home. Curious? Read on to peek inside this unique treehouse!
treehouse in richmond

Stumble Upon Your Dream Home in Richmond’s Nature

Located a mere three miles from Tanglewood, your luxury treehouse awaits. Set on a 100-acre plot, this home practically comes with its own forest!

As you approach 720 West, marvel at the property’s lush acreage of centuries-old forest growth. And when you reach the home, you’ll have to look closely to spy this luxury treehouse in its natural setting — the treehouse is fully constructed with trees!

Before you head inside the home, first take a moment to imagine what life would be like in this idyllic retreat: remember the wondrous feeling of roaming with the earth beneath your feet when you were a child? Building forts with sticks you found in nature to create a home that was yours and yours alone?

Well now you can have that again, but with a home that suits your more adult needs, too…
treehouse in richmond

Step Inside This Three-Story Treehouse

Designed by famed architect David Sellers, who was twice named as one of the top 100 architects of the world, this home truly captures what it means to bring “the outside in” as the property blends interior and outdoor spaces.

Heading through the front door, you’ll be welcomed by tall ceilings and a common room that’s composed of natural materials like stones gathered from the site. The stone archways in the home frame enchanting views of the surrounding forest. As tall trunks support the home from within, you’ll really have to look closely to identify what trees are inside and which ones are out.

On a rainy day, living in this luxury treehouse will be a dream. You can cozy up by the main fireplace, made from local stone, and look out at your forest without feeling a drop of rain. Likewise, on a summer day, you can spend your morning foraging for natural herbs and berries and then set up shop in the home’s gorgeous kitchen.
treehouse in richmond
The home dazzles throughout, as there’s 4,228 square feet of cozy, semi-hidden wooden nooks, wood balconies that resemble something you might see at Yellowstone’s iconic lodge, and enchanted hallways.

With 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, this home doubles as a spacious private retreat, or a place to invite company to share in nature’s beauty.
treehouse in richmond

Will You Be the Next Owner of This Treehouse in Richmond MA?

Listed at $2.75 million, this home is ready for serious buyers. While the price is steep compared to other neighboring properties, your treehouse comes with a forest and bragging rights as one of the state’s most original homes. Worth it? You decide.

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