Economic Meccas: These Tech Cities Are Worth Investing In

by Carson BuckMarch 5, 2018

Where to Buy Property or Move to Before the Market Explodes

If you had a real estate time machine, one way to insure your current wealth would be to invest in real estate in the Seattle/Bellevue area or the Bay Area before Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Amazon were household names. Unfortunately, the real estate time machine hasn’t been invented yet (and likely will never be invented).

Perhaps the next best thing would be to examine current tech trends as you try to get into a real estate and job market before the tech boom prices all but the highest-paid tech workers out. This article will take a close look at a handful of the up-and-coming tech cities in America and why you might think about investing in or relocating to one of them.
tech cities to invest in huntsville

Huntsville, Alabama

When word began circulating that Huntsville was going to make a bid to be the home to Amazon’s second headquarters, many people must have thought the world had gone crazy. But, those familiar with the history of this Southern tech city’s contribution to the US space program and the fact that it’s home to one of the nation’s largest contemporary research parks, probably weren’t surprised at all.

Huntsville may not be for everyone, but it is an incredibly affordable place to live, especially on a tech job salary, and a smart place to invest in property before the inevitable tech boom raises prices.

Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte, North Carolina, credited by Forbes for being one of the U.S. cities responsible for creating the most tech jobs in 2017, is an excellent, and still quite affordable place to live. It has a fantastic local arts scene, great restaurants, and a growing craft beer industry.

And one of the big bonuses of relocating to the Charlotte area is that you’ll only be two hours away from another of the nation’s major research hubs, The Triangle of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
tech cities to invest in washington

Washington, D.C.

Another potential source of some surprise for people, is the growing tech-forward reputation of our nation’s capital. But, according to an article in the San Francisco Business Times, Washington has become “one of the nation’s top cities for tech investment” in recent years. Add all of the cultural capital that comes with the nation’s capital, and you have a recipe for good living and an investment opportunity that almost can’t miss.

Houston, Texas

Ranked ninth in a recent article on the Business Insider, Houston has long been one of the most liveable big cities in the South, with reasonable home prices, excellent schools and universities, and a great cultural scene. The city has recently doubled-down on attracting startup business to bolster its already stellar reputation as a city of corporate innovation.
tech cities to invest in phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix has been quietly slipping into the future in a very meaningful way over the last twenty years. Originally a city founded on agricultural production and supported by military bases, the hottest city in America is still surprisingly affordable, despite being a city with major economic opportunity, particularly in its growing startup scene.

Four Cities to Invest in Now for Your Future

If you thought that your only hope for landing a home in a tech-savvy and forward-thinking city required moving to the Northeast or the West Coast and mortgaging your future and your children’s (and possibly your grandchildren’s), think again. These five cities are affordable, highly liveable, and on the cusp of major gains in the technological sector. And beyond these four, there are many others that are also getting behind tech startups and embracing the twenty-first century.

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