What $1.6M(ish) Can Get You in These Cities

by Mahogany WaldonMarch 29, 2018

If you live in or near Birdsboro, Pennsylvania then you’ve probably heard of the Brooke Mansion, one of America’s most revered mansions. This beautiful home was constructed by Frank Furness for the wife of Edward Brooke, a renowned industrialist. In the home’s illustrious history, it once functioned as a bed and breakfast.
The exterior of the green and brown former mansion of Edward Brooke. The home is a massive three-story fixture in Pennsylvania.
Built in 1887, the massive three-story home has a charming foyer, a circular rosewood library, 16 bedrooms, and 10 bathrooms. While this well-kept manor can get you some breathtaking features, we found that not all high-priced homes offer the same. In fact, all million dollar homes aren’t ‘mansions’ by any stretch of the imagination. Depending on where you live, a home of the same value can get you an array of styles and sizes, ranging from modest to massive. Take a look below at some of homes with similar asking prices.

Billings, Montana

How much do you know about Montana? While it might not be labeled as glamorous as NYC, Billings, Montana is a scenic town with lots of outdoor activities waiting to be explored as well as great dining and lounging venues as well. Craft breweries anyone?! If you’re looking for a great home in Billings, maybe this one will suffice. Just short of $1.7M, this classic-style, eco-friendly home is sure to make you feel like you’ve taken a seat on the lap of luxury. The home has four bedrooms and five bathrooms. It also features a patio, in-ground pool, and a sprinkler system. At 5,759 sq.ft, if you have the dough, you can get this comfortably-sized home in Billings.
A large off-white and dark grey home with a stucco exterior

Branson, Missouri

Saddle up: this home in Branson, Missouri offers the best of Mediterranean architecture with its Tuscan influences. For around $1.5M, this home in blast-from-the-past Branson (literally, they have a 1800s-themed amusement park) offers some pretty modern amenities and features. With four bedrooms and eight bathrooms, this home is great for growing your family or entertaining guests. The home’s character speaks of Italian-styled beauty and with an infinity pool, basketball court, and a 180-degree view of a golf course, hills, a lake, and 8,872 square feet of space. It doesn’t get much better than this!
The interior of a Mediterranean home with white walls and a table, sofa and mirror in its vestibule.

Casper, Wyoming

Wyoming is home to a lot of natural beauty, such as Yellowstone National Park and Devil’s Tower, a rock and magma formation known to be sacred Native American grounds. Furthermore, Wyoming is home to this beautiful colonial-style home built in 1923. Don’t be put off by the home’s birthdate, it comes with almost total rewiring and updated plumbing. The home features four bedrooms and five bathrooms. Not to mention, this home is the epitome of regal, vintage design, and at 9,500 square feet, it’s definitely a home fit for a (large) royal family!
The exterior of a neutral colored colonial-styled home surrounded by trees and a small brick barrier.

Charleston, West Virginia

Did someone say Charleston? Most people probably think of a city a little further south with the same name, but Charleston, West Virginia is just as majestic as its twin city in South Carolina. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this home that’s on the market. This country-style home has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. If you have the funds, the home also comes with an above-ground pool, a large veranda and patio space, and a deck. It’s a whopping 8,096 square feet and the home is a situated right on the water.
The interior of a modern, white and yellow kitchen with a dark brown colored island in the middle.

Dallas, Texas

They say everything is bigger in Texas, right? Well if you’re trying to underscore the validity of that saying, take a look at this grandiose Dallas home. If you think bigger is better then this 5,982 sq.ft home with its second-floor theater, five bedrooms, and seven bathrooms is just the home for you!
The exterior of a neutral colored brick home with small shrubs surrounding the front of the home.

Houston, Texas

Another big city in Texas is Houston, and Houston doesn’t disappoint. If you’re in the market for a home right around $1.5M, this one should be on your radar. This is a perfect family home with the amenities to prove it. Every family needs a spacious, large island kitchen, right? Sure they do! They also need a nice family room and a summer porch for outside family bonding. This three bedroom, three bathroom home has all the features a nice family would love including being close to an elementary, middle, and high school. Although the price tag might prove that bigger is better, the home is a modest 3,024 square feet.
A small white home with a view of its front yard.

San Diego, California

Everyone wants to live in a nice community and this home in sunny San Diego is situated in the perfect locality if you’re feeling neighborly. Your family will enjoy this beautiful home in San Diego’s Travata neighborhood. Other amenities of the neighborhood include 11 community pools, canyon views, and a clubhouse. The home itself has four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a large kitchen island, and modern appliances. This 3,884 square foot Spanish-style home is perfect!
The interior of a modern large home. The dining room and family room are seen with white walls, floors, and furniture accented with silver and a view of outside.

Los Angeles, California

Who said LA doesn’t have modest homes? This home is picturesque and will put you in the mindset of the American dream. Everyone wants a charming home with a white picket fence, right? Well, here it is! This two bedroom home is perfect for a small family. The home also features two bathrooms and it sits comfortably in Los Angeles County’s Beverlywood, which is one of Los Angeles’ best neighborhoods. The size of this home is only 1,398 square feet, but hey, LA is expensive. Very expensive.
A two-story blue and white home with a white fence.

Chicago, Illinois

If the Windy City is on your radar, then you need to check out this brick two-story home in Chicago’s Lake View neighborhood. This four-bedroom, four-bath home has a square footage of 3,110, and offers a lot of great amenities like a large backyard, a fireplace, and high-end kitchen appliances, including a warming drawer and wine cooler.
The interior of a spacious living room with neutral colored furniture and a fireplace.

Miami, Florida

¡Bienvenido a Miami! Got $1.6M? If you’re heading south (or at least thinking about it), you’re in the ballpark of this Miami-Dade home situated in Miami’s Doral Estate neighborhood. The home has an in-ground pool, a lakeside and a golf course view, as well as three bedrooms and three bathrooms. This South Florida home measures in at 3,352 square feet and is the perfect size for a standard American family with a slightly larger than the standard pocketbook.
The interior of a home's family room with neutral colored furnishings and wooden accents.
As you can see, a $1.6M home can range from massive to modest depending on the city. If you’re loving what that price range can get you in these 10 cities, be sure to check out more of our listings across the country.

How Much Can Approximately $1.6M Buy in 10 Cities?

  • Billings, MT – 4 beds / 5 baths | 5,759 sq.ft
  • Branson, MO – 4 beds / 8 baths | 8,872 sq.ft
  • Casper, WY – 4 beds / 5 baths | 9500 sq.ft.
  • Charleston, WV – 6 beds / 7 baths | 8,096 sq.ft
  • Dallas, TX- 5 beds / 7 baths | 5,982 sq.ft
  • Houston, TX- 3 beds / 3 baths | 3,024 sq.ft
  • San Diego, CA- 4 beds / 5 baths | 3,884 sq.ft
  • Los Angeles, CA – 2 beds / 2 baths |1,398 sq.ft
  • Chicago, IL – 4 beds / 4 baths | 3,110 sq.ft
  • Miami, FL – 3 beds / 3 baths | 3,352 sq.ft

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