6 Blooms to Add to Your Garden This Spring

by Carson BuckApril 27, 2018

Ready to Grow Your Spring Garden? Here Are 6 Blooms You Need to Know

The sun is starting to appear, and so are those urges to fill your long-dormant garden beds with beautiful blooms. Unfortunately, a trip to your local nursery or Home Depot can often leave you feeling overwhelmed, not knowing whether to opt for perennials or annuals, or questioning which plants will grow and thrive during a spring season.

Good news: we’re here to help. We’ve done the research, and we’re ready to offer the insight you need to make your garden grow. If you have a rake and hoe at the ready, here are six blooms we think you should add to your garden this spring.
spring blossoms

Francee Hosta

A minimalist-inspired, green and white plant that’s all the rage, Francee Hosta is both seasonal and trendy. The beautiful white-margined leaves grow beautifully in spring, making this an ideal season to plant Francee Hosta blooms. Even if winter lingers, these plants are known for their cold weather hardiness.

If your spring garden bed gets either partial or full shade and your soil drains easily, Francee Hosta will be a beautiful, thriving addition to your garden.

Bear’s Breeches

Even if you love planting spring blooms, chances are you want to plant a few blooms that will return year after year. Our recommendation? Bear’s Breeches. These glossy green perennial plants sprout beautiful, tall blooms. They’re stately, too, as the plants often appear in jewelry, architecture, and design. When you plant these spring blooms, just make sure you have ample sun so that they’ll thrive this season.
spring blossoms

Yellow Trillium

A woodland garden dream, Yellow Trillium is a tall and wide plant with gorgeous marbled leaves. Also known as Trillium luteum, this spring plant offers sweet, yellow-white blooms. So if you’re looking for a delicate garden filler, this is your plant!

Snowdrop Anemone

Don’t be fooled over the plant’s name, because this “snowdrop” plant is a festive and fragrant plant that blooms beautifully against spring’s backdrop. The bright clusters of this spring blooms are a welcome sight after a cold winter season, but the main perk of this easy to grow plant is that once cool temps return in fall, the Snowdrop Anemone might make a resurgence in your garden.


A seasonal showstopper, Bluestar is a beloved spring bloom that opens and then softens into a stunning star-shaped flower. The light blue blooms are understated and elegant, and over time, the blooms transition from soft blue hue to radiant golden-yellow. If your spring garden needs a low maintenance pop of color, Bluestar is a great choice!
spring blossoms


Finally, no spring bloom list would be complete without the seasonal favorite, Gladiolus. Known as a classic perennial with stately, tall flower spikes, Gladiolus is a spring-planted, summer-blooming flower. If you’re looking to plant a flower that will fill your summer bouquets, Gladiolus should do the trick nicely.

Have you planted any spring blooms you’ve loved? Let us know! Happy planting!

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