Our Top 2-Hour or Less Cleaning Tasks for Spring, Just in Time for Earth Day!

by Carson BuckApril 20, 2018

Give Back to the Earth, and Keep Your Home Clean With These Quick Tasks!

For most Earth Day celebrations, we talk about cleaning up our planet. Each year, people make an effort to clean up neighborhoods, to clear trails, to spur recycling movements, and to simply do right by the world we live in. But why stop at a little outdoor cleanup? This Earth Day, take the time to give back to your home, too. Just like the earth, your home provides a haven, a safe space for you and your loved ones to live. And it’s time to say “thank you” to your home with a bit of spring cleaning.

Ready to get started? Here are our top spring cleaning tasks that will help you get your home back in top-form — in 2 hours or less.

earth day cleaning tips

Tackle Cleaning Your Shower

We know you’ve put it off through winter (we have too), but it’s time to tackle the grime that’s been building in your shower. Set aside 10-15 minutes, and spend time scrubbing the walls of your shower until it bears no trace of the past few months’ uses.

Pro tip? Bonnie Dewkett, a blogger from The Joyful Organizer, encourages homeowners to avoid shower build-up by giving your shower a quick wash down after each use. Dewkett shares, “Every time I get out of the shower I spray the walls with a vinegar and water mixture.”

earth day cleaning tips

Dive Deep and Vacuum Furniture

Let’s face it, with winter weather, there’s probably been a lot of time spent indoors. And who doesn’t love an evening spent on the sofa with a great book or with cherished company? But it’s time for a little spring cleaning, and your chairs and sofa could use a bit of help from your vacuum.

In a matter of minutes, the upholstery tool on your vacuum can work wonders on restoring the cushions and fabric of your chairs and couches to their former glory.

Commit to Dusting Those Long-Forgotten Corners

Speaking of things resting inside during winter, have you noticed the cobwebs and dust starting to accumulate in ceiling corners? Grab a broom, extendable duster, or tool of your choice, and block out 20-30 minutes to go through your home and tend to dusty ceiling corners, bookcase crevasses, and any hanging lighting fixtures.

earth day cleaning tips

Fight Dust and Clean Out Your Vents

Another great spring cleaning task? Tend to your long-forgotten air vents and heating ducts. For best results, attack your air conditioning vents with a soft, bristle-filled brush or a dust cloth to thoroughly clean the dust and keep your home’s vent spaces clean for spring.

Give Your Fridge and Freezer Some Much Needed TLC

It’s easy to shovel away leftover and meal-prepped snacks in your fridge, but how often do we return to the fridge simply for the purpose of cleaning? An easy way to keep your fridge clean this spring: slide a box of good ol’ fashioned baking soda into your fridge to act as a natural air cleaner and to help eliminate odor. And while you’re at it, it wouldn’t help to throw a few expired items away…

What are your favorite spring cleaning tasks? Any that you can accomplish in a couple of hours or less? Let us know!

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