5 Easy Vegetables to Grow In Your Garden

by Kristina PhelanMay 1, 2018

Growing a vegetable garden is a great way to use your outdoor space as well as provide healthy and nutritious food for your family. Vegetable gardens are also a great way to teach children about plants and responsibility in caring for a growing garden. Here are some easy vegetables to grow in your garden this year that will not disappoint!

1. Lettuce

If you want close to instant gratification in gardening, consider planting lettuce. This is a great vegetable that is easy to grow and will give you plenty of lettuce for salads and summer recipes. Lettuce grows and can go from seed to table fairly quickly. Consider planting lettuce at different intervals to make sure that you always have fresh lettuce available all season long.

Try a variety of lettuce types including romaine, arugula, and iceberg to broaden your taste buds. Some varieties have leaves that even stay tender longer than others, allowing them to withstand mild winters, extending their season.

2. Cucumbers

As a very easy plant to grow, cucumbers are a staple in home gardens because they produce a lot of vegetables with little to no effort. Just a few cucumber seeds can produce plenty of cucumbers for your family as well as all of the neighbors! Plant a small amount of seeds in a group within a mound to encourage sprouting. Remember that cucumbers need a good amount of space to spread and grow so plant according to package directions.

3. Zucchini

Another great vegetable garden staple is the zucchini. This dark green vegetable has become more popular in recent years and isn’t just for zucchini bread anymore. Use this vegetable to make gluten-free zoodles or throw slices on the grill for an easy side dish. Zucchini plants also need some space to spread and grow so be sure to have enough room when planting these seeds.

4. Tomatoes

There is nothing like a vine-ripened tomato from your own backyard. The taste of a fresh tomato greatly outweighs anything that you would buy in a store. Purchasing tomato starters is a good way for new gardeners to ensure that they will get to harvest tomatoes by the end of the growing season. Plant tomatoes in an area that isn’t too windy and make sure to purchase tomato cages before the plants get too large. Try a few different varieties of grape and slicing tomatoes to see what will taste the best from being grown in your area.

5. Melons

Although technically a fruit, harvesting your own cantaloupe or watermelon from your vegetable garden is the epitome of every gardening season. Melons take a long time to grow but the reward is definitely worth it! Try a few different varieties of melons like yellow-fleshed watermelons or muskmelons. These plants need space as well so make sure that you have enough room along with plenty of sunshine for super sweet melons that will mature in late summertime.

Growing vegetables in a backyard garden is a great way to add beauty to your home. Spending time outdoors and making your home your own oasis is just one reason to grow a vegetable garden. Choose items that will be easy to grow such as lettuce, cucumbers, and zucchini so that your time gardening will be successful. Add in different types of vegetables that take a longer amount of time to grow once you feel confident in your gardening abilities.

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