Truly Unique Custom Builder Home in Lake Forest, IL You Won’t Want to Miss!

by Jamey MortonMay 24, 2018

Check Out This One of a Kind Custom Builder Home in Illinois

This contemporary home is unlike anything you’d find on the market today. Designed by the home’s builder, the home boasts 6,500 square feet of dramatic interior living space where cove moldings, soaring ceilings, and stone floors reign supreme. With 1.74 acres of private grounds, this estate is truly a modern kingdom.

According to the property’s listing, it’s a home that you “must see to appreciate,” and they aren’t lying. Read on to “see” inside this stunning Chicago area home.
custom illinois home

Live in Absolute Serenity at This Lake Forest Estate

Located at 461 Saddle Run Road, this unique Illinois home doubles as a beautiful private retreat. For the employee who works 50+ hour weeks, or for the artist craving inspiration from nature, this home is an ideal property built for a person to recharge and relax. With nearly two acres of private land, you’ll feel secluded from the rest of the world from the moment you step on the grounds.

Before you head inside, spend a little bit of time exploring the estate grounds. Admire the foliage that protects the home from drivers passing by, as well as the sprawling manicured lawn that encourages outdoor play and activity.
custom illinois home

Keep looking around, though as the awe-inspiring nature doesn’t stop there. In the forest grounds included with the property, you’ll find multiple hiking trails that wander past old growth trees and an intimate fire pit surrounded by dozens of wood stumps — a perfect space for a small theater production or an indie music concert.

If you’re drooling over the home’s stunning forest backdrop (and why wouldn’t you be?!,) just wait until you peek inside this custom-built home.

Explore 6,500 Square Feet of Contemporary Luxury

Composed of sleek, modern lines, this Lake Forest home is eye-catching for any modern architecture enthusiast. Inside the home, you’re greeted by a sprawling open-floor plan that’s organized around a central column that ascends the height of the home.

The double-height ceilings of the dining and living areas make you question whether or not you’ve walked into a mansion or a contemporary art gallery. Either way, it’s easy to fall in love with these spaces where you’re sure to be spending plenty of time.

As you wander through the home, you’ll gasp when you come upon the kitchen. Here, you’ll discover top-of-the-line kitchen appliances, including a Subzero refrigerator; three Thermador ovens; a six-burner Viking stove; and stainless steel galore.
custom illinois home

But the home’s real masterpiece comes in the form of a master suite that boasts a private first-floor library teeming with books and natural light, as well as a private staircase to a lofted bedroom space. Adjacent to the master loft, you’ll find a five-star hotel-worthy bathroom that includes a spa bath, an open shower, and a custom walk-in closet — all surrounded by unique stonework that cascades up from the floors to the walls.

Other luxury things we love about this home? There’s a cozy main floor media room with built-in television and surround sound, flexible workspaces throughout the home’s hall in case you can’t pull yourself away to commute, and a warehouse-style lower level that’s ready to host the city’s first underground pool tournament.
custom illinois home

Ready to Buy This Singular Estate?

At this newly reduced price, the 6- bedroom, 6-bath, 5-car garage home in Lake Forest, Illinois, can be yours for only $1.399 million. For a coveted suburb located just outside of Chicago, this is a steal. Ready to live one of Illinois’ most original homes? Act now!

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