mothers day gift ideas

Tired of Cliched Gifts? Here Are Gift Ideas That the Moms in Your Life Will Actually Love

This mother’s day, skip the overused gift ideas and pick out something unique and personal that mom will be able to appreciate for years to come, from

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Skip the Corny Mother’s Day Gifts This Year

Depending on how many Mother’s Days you’ve celebrated with your mom, chances are she’s over the dark chocolate, the sappy cards, and maybe even the classic brunch routine, too. This Mother’s Day, why not go for something unique with one of these special gifts that your mom probably has never received.

As you choose what kind of gift to get for the special women in your life this Mother’s Day, remember to really think about what kinds of gifts they specifically would like. The more personalized your gift is, the more your mom will appreciate it. Your gift to mom doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive — just put some thought into it and your mom will love it because she loves you.

mothers day gift ideas

1) A Framed Photo

Choose a fresh family photo, a photo of you and your siblings from when you were kids, or a combination of photos for a multi-photo frame. Choose a unique frame that will complement the decorating in mom’s home. Before you pick out a frame, consider going over to mom’s house to scope out color schemes and her general taste in order to help you choose the perfect one.

Try a Kate Spade frame from Domino, which comes in a soft pink hue that will highlight a colorful pic of you and your siblings, or allow a vintage black and white of her to pop. A framed photo of a special memory from your childhood will show mom how much you appreciate all she’s done for you, and will also elevate her space with a punchy frame.

2) Unique Kitchen Accessories

There’s a million directions you can go with this one, so make sure it’s super personalized to avoid giving her kitchen gadgets that she’ll never use. This Dutch leather oven mitt from Food52 is both stylish and useful. They come in five muted yet gorgeous colors, so choose one that best goes with the color scheme of her kitchen.

If you’re looking for a unique kitchen accessory for fifty dollars or less, try these beautiful porcelain measuring spoons from Brookfarm General Store. With a delicate blue rim and sleek nesting silhouettes, these measuring spoons will get use for years, measuring out mom’s favorite family recipes.

mothers day gift ideas

3) Everything She Needs for Afternoon Tea

If your mom is a tea lover, go the extra mile this Mother’s Day by giving her everything she needs to have a lovely afternoon tea with friends or family. From these gorgeous glass tea cups and saucers on Amazon, to floral tiered tea cake stands like this one from West Elm, put together a package that makes her feel like she’s in London.

Go the extra mile by presenting your tea-themed gift with an actual tea party. Turn Mother’s Day brunch into an affair that she’ll never forget with tea cakes, new floral teas, and pretty tea cups. Invite the whole family and remember to take lots of pictures to pore over later.

4) Your Favorite Cookbook

While mom’s recipes have certainly made an impact on your kitchen repertoire, give her the gift of some fresh recipes this mother’s day with a new cookbook that will get her inspired to try out new things for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Mom’s kitchen library may already be stocked with the classics (Julia Child, anyone?), so consider getting a cookbook that’s been recently published, like favorite food blogger Deb Pearlman’s new book, Smitten Kitchen Everyday: Triumphant and Unfussy New Favorites.

mothers day gift ideas

5) Plants

Word on the street is that houseplants are the new flowers. They’ll last longer in a sunny corner than a bouquet of flowers, and their health benefits in the home are plentiful. Many houseplants clear toxins out of the air and can even boost your mood. This mother’s day, opt for a house plant that mom will be able to enjoy for months to come instead of a bouquet of flowers that will soon wilt.

Go for a type of plant that doesn’t require much maintenance so that mom doesn’t feel like she’s been given an extra child to care for. Succulents and big-leafed plants generally require less water than other plants. Be sure to take note of how much sunlight mom’s space gets so that you can choose a plant accordingly.

Make Mother’s Day Extra Special This Year

While Mother’s Day is always special, doing something extra will help mom feel more loved and appreciated than ever. Take time to brainstorm your mom’s specific interests; that way, you can give her something ultra personal that she will be able to use for years to come.

Just to be clear — we aren’t advocating for you to not buy her chocolates this year. If you feel drawn to get her something unique and personal in addition to a box of chocolates, we don’t think anyone will protest, especially not mom!

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