4 Sites to Get (Trustworthy) DIY Home Advice

by Jess ViceJune 12, 2018

You’ve been there. You’re drilling a screw in and hear something crack behind the wall and you freeze. What’s the next action? You frantically grab your phone and Google “screw cracking wood sound” in a panic.

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A lot of the help and advice you can find on the Internet falls into two categories: incredibly boring and takes a tedious amount of time to find the answer to your question. Other times, the answers you’ll find are really, really sketchy – like they’re recommending clear packing tape over caulk. So here are five places I turn to on the World Wide Web for reasonably sane (and reasonably quick) home improvement advice.

First stop, Reddit. No, do NOT visit /r/hold-my-beer. Instead, try these:


No renters here – just those of us on a mortgage. Almost 48k of us, to be exact. No matter where you live, you’re sure to find someone who knows the local way of things and has a good piece of advice to offer. There are questions about Home Owner Associations or HOAs, questions about selling in specific areas, and a good number of questions about repair help and ideas.


This one’s fun if you’re into knocking out walls and ripping down tile and tearing up floors. These folks know how to hustle a brand new look into any part of a home. (And in some cases, into an entire home, like this guy: $40k Dream Home.)


While this thread is admittedly a little more miscellaneous, there are a lot of small pieces of advice that are really helpful – things like how to strip and refinish cast iron, how to paint over a previous owner’s crafty mural, and even how to turn a chest freezer into a beer tap. If you’re scrappy and resourceful, you’ll find your folk here.

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Others that have been vouched for and have a lot of helpful activity on them include:

DIY Chatroom

You know that older neighbor down the street who always has an opinion on how you should do things and is sometimes really accurate? That’s DIY Chatroom. It’s loaded with experience and good advice – you just have to take the criticism with a grain of salt!

Circular saw used by craftsman during DIY construction project.

House Repair Talk

When something goes wrong, or you run up against a brick wall, House Repair Talk is a good place to drop in and do some searching. These folks know what’s what and are good about staying on topic.

That Home Site!

If you’re looking beyond the house itself to activities you can do in and around the house, THS is a really great resource. Not only is the site super easy to navigate, but it’s packed FULL of discussions. You’re not just getting one blogger’s version – you’re getting a host of home and house experts’ opinions.

It might seem like a hassle to sign up for an account on a couple of forums, but when you get in a pinch and Google isn’t coming up with the answer, forums are a helpful place to turn. Remember, the golden rule of forums is if someone helps you, pay it forward, and help someone else out.

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