From Butter-Rum to Cappuccino – Here’s What We Know About Pantone’s 2019 Color Trend

by Kacey BradleyJuly 31, 2018

Every year, the Pantone Color Institute gives us an educated guess of what to expect in the next 12 months… color-wise, at least. Not only do they point out which shade will be the most popular, but they also designate the hues that’ll be most prevalent — and most coveted — in housewares and fashion, too.

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Although it’s only mid-2018, Pantone’s color experts have already forecasted the shades that’ll be at the forefront in 2019. The Institute’s Vice President, Laurie Pressman, said they chose hues that capture our focus. In a world with so much going on, and constant stimulation from our smartphones to fill the gaps, we need colors that help us focus.

“With more choices than ever before, it is essential for home furnishings and interior brands and designers to connect with their consumers and deliver the themes, palettes and colors that engage and stimulate beyond the surface,” Pressman said.

So, pay attention to these palettes — they’re going to grab your focus next year.


Foodies rejoice — the first 2019 palette of colors presented by Pantone is inspired by the spice, the sweetness and the richness of foods that we crave. Colors like dark brown cappuccino reside alongside a beige butter-rum. Lots of the shades are warm — they bring the heat, according to Pantone’s description. But there are also natural greens and cool purples to bring it down a notch for those not as interested in the spice.

A variety of berry-colored foods are placed on a plum colored table.

There’s barely a neutral in sight with the Cravings palette, and that reflects the very vibe that Pantone was going for in choosing such a bold set of colors. With these shades, style experts predict interiors with lots of statement pieces — Elle Décor called the potential pops of color “maximalist joy.” And that’s just the indulgent vibe we get from the foods that inspired this palette for 2019, so, mission accomplished.


The second palette from Pantone reflects a more traditional, warm style. The name implies this, after all — the classic hues that make up the second collection have been in fashion and traditional home styles for years and will continue to be for years to come.

Many of the shades in the classic palette are neutrals or saturated jewel tones. A deep caviar black and a crisp white surround a classic tan. There’s a golden hue, a traditional brown and a foggy gray. But there are still pops of rich color, thanks to a dark teal, a berry burgundy, and a warm apricot. Altogether, they appear quite neutral, but an innovative designer could pull the most contrasting hues for a more eye-catching look.

A room is staged with a dark green colored chair with cool grey accent pieces as a dessert sits on a table beside a coffee cup.

Pantone used the following adjectives to describe this palette: fundamental, basic, everlasting, elegant, and fashionable. Perhaps this option will be more accessible across the market, for investment pieces purchased and redecorating done with the long-term in mind.

How They’ll Be Used

Just as we’re making color predictions for next year, we can also look ahead to furniture trends to guess just how the Pantone palettes will be used.

One of the colors themselves is predicted to be one of 2019’s biggest interior design trends already. The caviar black from the Classico palette will become more and more popular but in a matte finish. Whether brought in as an accessory or the base color of a space, the darkest color of all makes a huge statement. And it’ll be a significant departure from Pantone’s 2018 color of the year, which was a breezy shade of violet.

Another must-have in 2019 will be sustainable fabrics. It’ll be up to textile designers to transform natural fibers into the hues described above. Among the potential materials, buyers can expect vegan leather, worm-free silk and other options that are cruelty-free and sustainable.

Your Turn

If a Pantone shade has caught your eye, it’s time to bring it to life in your space. You’ll be on-trend, of course, but, even more importantly, you’ll be enveloped in a hue you love. In turn, you’ll be even more pleased with the look and feel of your space — and you’ll be proud to call it home.

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