Take a Victory Lap Around the Garden: Top 10 Trends in Landscaping for 2018

by Carson BuckJuly 19, 2018

Noteworthy Gardening Trends That Will Help Your Garden Flourish

Summer 2018 has officially started, which means that it’s time to go wild in the backyard. Flower and vegetable gardens will always be in style, but this year’s landscaping trends have transcended traditional gardening standards. In 2018, it seems that the top gardeners and landscape design firms are even more focused on environmental sustainability and well-being.

The top trends this year emphasize mindful gardening and landscaping in order to promote a healthy outdoor environment for both you and the creatures who may consider your yard a habitat.

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1) Rainscaping

Before you start landscaping this year, think about your environment and the climate where you live. If you live in an extremely arid climate, you probably won’t want to fill your property with plants that require gallons and gallons of water, for example.

2) Native Plants

Among the eco-friendly trends that are sweeping the landscaping world this year, native plants sit high on the list. Native plants are good for the environment of your yard and neighborhood, and require less fertilizer than non-native plants as they are happy in the soil that naturally exists in your property.

Planting native species in your garden will help to cultivate biodiversity in the birds and other critters that frequent your yard, in addition to helping to improve air quality.

3) Zen Gardens

This year’s outdoor design trends emphasize feeling at peace in your outdoor space. A zen garden is the perfect way to settle into your space with plenty of room to breathe and relax.

Create a meditation space by installing private seating in a secluded corner of your garden. Depending on whether you’re a morning or night person, position your bench or other seating area so that it faces the sunrise or sunset to enjoy those gorgeous rays of sunlight.

gardening trends

4) Outdoor Kitchen

According to both HGTV and Improvement.net, outdoor kitchens and seating areas are upstaging indoor dining spaces. Take advantage of warm evenings with an alfresco seating area nestled into a shady part of your backyard. Go beyond a simple picnic table by incorporating luxury outdoor seating with a pergola or other unique covered area.

5) Water Features

Soothing water features have been a garden favorite since ancient times, and they aren’t going anywhere soon. Consider situating your fountain, pond, or water feature near your meditation area so that you can listen to the relaxing sound of running water as you take a moment to stop and breathe.

6) Colorful Plants

The simplicity of straight green plants is so last year — this year is all about introducing unique colorful plants to the palette of your garden. Add a pop of fun color with canna, coleus, begonias, and caladium. Check out your local garden center and ask about local plants that will add some color to your garden.

7) Water Management & Conservation

Environmental issues are becoming more and more prevalent in the landscaping conversation, which means that drought-resistant plants are popping up all over the country. Echinacea, lavender, rhododendron, and hydrangea are all drought-resistant plants with gorgeous blooms that won’t suck down water.

8) Bedhead Gardens

Bedhead gardens are perfect for people who prefer a low-maintenance garden that looks amazing but doesn’t require a ton of attention. According to HGTV, bedhead gardens are characterized by random structure and easy care. When striving for a bedhead garden, opt for ornamental grass, native plants, and drought-tolerant plants.

gardening trends

9) Butterfly and Bird Friendly Gardening

Check out your local botanical garden or nature conservancy to find out what kind of birds and butterflies are native to your region. Then, choose from among the varieties of plants and blooming flowers that will attract these birds and butterflies. Make a DIY bird feeder using seed mix from your local hardware store or pet shop. Check out this cute tutorial for a DIY heart bird feeder from Birds and Blooms.

10) All Season Landscaping

As you plan your landscaping endeavors, keep in mind that summer doesn’t last forever. Choose plants and flowers that will transition well into fall and winter so that you don’t have to give up your backyard sanctuary just because the weather is cooling down.

Freeze-proof flowers and plants with varying colored branches both move happily into fall and winter. Consider mixing in a few evergreens to maintain full texture even when the leaves start falling off the trees.

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