Shark Week Is One Thing – We’ve Got A Shark House

by Jamey MortonAugust 16, 2018

Tour a Luxury West Hollywood Home, Complete With a Shark Tank

With the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week recently concluded, we figured it was a great time to extend the annual tradition for all shark lovers – especially those who may have considered the idea of filling their home with real-life sharks. While the stories and images of sharks on the television may be as close to a real shark as some of us ever want to get, now is the perfect time for the shark enthusiasts among us to get in on a bidding war for a West Hollywood home that comes with a real shark tank.

This unique property is on the market for $35 million, and comes complete with a heated indoor pool, a billiard room, a home theater, a fitness room, a sauna, and a million dollar view of the city of Los Angeles. If you’ve ever seen and then fallen in love with the movie Jaws, this luxury estate is going to be the perfect fit for you.

shark week home

This Multi-Million Dollar Listing Comes Complete With 8 Sharks—What a Deal!

This home listing is not BYOShark. The open-air shark tank is home to seven stingrays, a horned-back stingray, a remora shark, a horn shark, a cat shark, one starfish, and three yellow tangs. The tank is just under three feet deep, with a pathway that leads to the center of the tank where residents and guests can watch the sea life from right in the middle.

A “living wall” serves as the backdrop to the tank, perfect for incredible photo ops. Relax in a cigar room with a floor-to-ceiling glass wall that overlooks the tank. An air filtration system keeps the room fresh even if you enjoy the occasional cigar as you observe the nautical life below.

This High-Tech Home Is the Ultimate Luxury Abode

The home is equipped with IoT technology, which means that many regular items in the house are equipped with an IP address for Internet connectivity. Because of this, the home features custom automated doors, cabinetry, and furniture crafted in Italy and Sweden.

You’ll find a resistance pool in addition to a regular pool, as well as an indoor and outdoor hot tub. Relax in the sauna or work on your fitness in the wellness center before settling down with a drink from the wine cellar, or a chilled shot of tequila (which is stored in its very own tequila freezer).

shark week home

Plenty of Space to Get Away From the Hustle of the City

This 12,800 square foot home features 7 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms in total. Three stories, all with incredible views of the city and the hills surrounding LA, conspire to make this home a unique luxury in West Hollywood. The home gym itself measures 1,900 square feet, so you’ll have plenty of room to get that cardio workout. With an open floor plan, elegant recessed lighting, and a gorgeous wet bar, this home is perfect for every kind of entertaining.

shark week home

The home is located within the Doheny Estates area, situated on one of the famed “bird streets” – an area that according to Curbed has been home to the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Larry Flynt, and Jennifer Aniston, among other celebs.

With countless flashy amenities and the potential for celebrity sightings all over the neighborhood, this is the ideal home for anyone looking to impress their friends at the next house party. If your ideal neighbors include some of Hollywood’s most famous, and of course, a few extra sharks, this property could be just perfect for you.

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