Festive Fall Decorating Tips

by Erin VieraSeptember 27, 2018

As the temperature starts to drop we tend to hibernate indoors more, which is why our focus now turns to the environment surrounding us. To attain that ‘sit down and get comfortable’ feel we have some great ideas for festive fall decorating tips to cozy up your home for the cooler weather! Start with the colors, textures and other accents to incorporate that will give your home that welcoming feel.


Fall Colors:

The autumn harvest showcases rich colors all around us. Take inspiration from the changing of the leaves. Colors such as gold, orange, red, brown, green and even a soft white prevail in home decor. This time of year is all about celebrating the glorious beauty nature provides for us, so keep your color scheme and design as natural as possible. If you live in a rental that does not allow paint to be used, I would recommend including these colors within accent pieces. For example, a tall gold vase with a twig and white flowers blooming out as a centerpiece on the dining room table is lovely. Another idea is to use several framed photographs with the matte changed to reflect these colors. Or if you own, you can paint an accent wall in a hunter green with a collage of gold frames.

Nature’s Texture:

When we get cold, we put on layers of clothing; whether it be a sweater, jacket or socks. Just like our bodies, our home needs layers to give the illusion of a warm feeling. Layers can be placed throughout your home, including blankets and throw pillows on the sofa, bed linens and even towels in the bathroom. Or another design idea would be a rug on top of a rug. I’ve seen this many times where a bold and rustic pattern is placed over a subdued neutral color to give the illusion of depth. However you decide to incorporate textures, remember warm fabric will provide the pleasant and inviting atmosphere for you and your guests.

Evoke the Senses:

One of the most assured ways to bring the fall season to mind is with enticing aromas. Fall brings with it pumpkins, gingerbread, apple spices, cider, vanilla, pumpkin pies, and more! To really incorporate the fall season, allure the senses in with candles that smell amazing, cooking or baking such items or decorating with them. A centerpiece with apples, cinnamon and nutmeg will surely perfume your home for the season.

I’m sure many of you have additional ideas or tips to decorate for fall. So why don’t you let us know? Would love to have our readers provide decorating tips that have worked for them!

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