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Best Cities to Sell a Home During the Fall

Although most housing markets slow down during colder months, these are the top five best cities to sell a home during the fall season.

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It’s well known that the housing market slows down during colder months, no one wants to move in the middle of the school year or a bad winter, right? Despite that, in some cities, homes on the market do sell and some cities experience fall sale surges. If you’re looking to sell a home this fall, or if you’re wanting to know what cities are more likely to sell just as many homes in the fall as any other season, check out the map below!

A map of the best cities to sell a home during the fall including Las Vegas, Phoenix, Riverside-San Bernadino, Orlando, and Raleigh.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas homes sales jumped 2.6% in the fall of last year. The average home price in “Sin City” is about $266,000. Although that’s higher than the nation’s average ($199,200), there are still a lot of great neighborhoods in the city with reasonably priced homes for sell (Centennial Hills, Rancho Charleston, and Summerlin). Las Vegas is also one of the most affordable places to live in the nation, making it a hotbed for home buyers — a good sign if you’re trying to sell in Vegas.

Orlando, Florida

Let’s be honest, homes probably sell anytime of year in Florida! But, Orlando had a .8% spike in homes sold in the fall last year. Orlando is one of the cheapest snowbird destinations and it’s a great city for retirees – one could be your home’s new owner! Whatever your reason for selling, there’s a great possibility that your home could sell in this city during the fall.

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix also had a positive increase in home sales last fall by .5%. Phoenix is another popular city for retirees. Aside from being affordable (an attractive incentive for buyers), homes sell relatively well throughout the fall season in this city.

Riverside-San Bernadino, California

Cities in California are known to have a scorching hot real estate market, and Riverside-San Bernadino is no different. Although sales are on a slight decline (-.7%) from summer to fall, this metro is still a booming area to sell a home during the fall. Situated in SoCal this area offers a reprieve for buyers and sellers that don’t want to live close to major cities like San Diego and Los Angeles.

Raleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh is a great place for buying and selling a home, especially for homeowners switching careers. Raleigh is nestled in North Carolina’s bustling Research Triangle along with Durham and Chapel Hill. Although homes sell slightly slower in the fall (-.5%), Raleigh takes the number five space on our list as one of the best cities to sell a home during this season.

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