Best Trees for Fall Foliage

by Ashley MillerOctober 26, 2018

Fall is a favorite season for many homeowners who enjoy seeing the beautiful fall colors that are visible during this time of year. Thankfully, there is a wide variety of trees that put on a show during the fall with their changing colors. Here are some of the most notably beautiful trees with fall foliage, that also makes for great trees around your home.


Known as the king of fall foliage, maple trees are notorious for their wide variety of bright changing colors in the fall. Red Maples are a common variety that turns either yellow, orange, red, or maroon depending on the tree’s growing conditions. Norway Maples have also become popular in high-density areas and turn a beautiful yellow come fall. If you’re looking for a smaller tree that does well in most landscapes, consider a Japanese Maple that will stay small but offer a deep red or yellow color.


These unique trees offer a different look to a yard with its fern-like leaves and gorgeous fall color. The leaves will change from green to yellow to red in a cascade of color that is sure to delight. Sumacs do well in the Northeastern portion of the country but can also be found adding glorious fall color to the regions of the Southeast as well. Sumacs are also a great tree option for those homeowners looking to provide a natural food source for birds and pollinators thanks to seeds that the female trees provide.


The gorgeous yellow beauty of the Aspen tree is sure to astound all homeowners. Aspen trees are primarily found in the Western portion of the country in areas of cool falls and winters. They are quite the sight to see as they turn golden-yellow among their evergreen counterparts. Aspens are known for the trembling of their leaves and are oftentimes referred to as quaking aspens. They are a much taller tree than other deciduous choices for homes so make sure that you have enough space in your yard to accommodate these natural beauties.


These very popular trees are known for their interesting bark as well as their yellow leaves come fall. Birch trees offer thin leaves that are simple in their appearance. They are well known for their bark that breaks up into smaller plates along the trunk of the tree. Different varieties offer different bark colors making this a tree that adds interest to a yard. Consider planting a Birch tree in the front yard for additional shade come summertime.


Another popular tree for yards includes the diverse dogwood tree. This interesting tree offers beauty during the spring season in the white, pink, or red flowers that it bears. During the summer the flowers turn to green leaves which then turn a deep crimson color very early in the fall. The dark reddish-purple leaves turn at the same time that bright red berries appear which is a large attraction for nearby birds. If you are looking for a tree that will give you a show year-round consider adding a dogwood to the mix and enjoy the deep gorgeous fall color that it provides as well.

From providing a shady place to hang a hammock, to reducing your energy bills, to increase your property value, the benefits of planting the right trees extend far beyond aesthetics. Consider all of these best trees for fall foliage in order to add interest to your home this season.

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