Drift Away in This Remodeled Home of a FL Driftwood Artist

by Jamey MortonOctober 11, 2018

Only in a State as Inspired as Florida…

Are you looking for a new home? Not new-new, just new to you – someplace built with a bit of the shore brought inside? Maybe a driftwood paradise of sorts? Then, this is just the home for you.

Located on the eastern seaboard down the shore from the largest city in America, Jacksonville, and a comfortable distance north of the spring break destination of Daytona Beach in beautiful Palm Coast, Florida, this wonderfully spacious two bedroom and two bath home is the complete beach getaway.

The prior home of a “professional driftwood artist,” this is a terrific all-in-one property, with living quarters plus a spacious gallery showroom and a large professional-grade workshop that could be repurposed away from found object driftwood sculpting to be anything the new owner desires.

driftwood home

The Grounds and Their Surroundings

The home portion of the developed property has been recently remodeled. It features a relief carving of a large school of fish swimming on the exterior siding of the home. From the exterior, you can hardly tell the driftwood wonders that await inside. The home has plenty of windows, letting in lots of the Florida sunshine. It is situated on almost an acre and a half of fantastic land right on the Intracoastal Waterway, and a stone’s throw from the beach.

The grounds are covered with mature trees, dripping with moss, and the property includes roughly one hundred feet of frontage on the ICW. It comes with a dock and the opportunity for relatively deep-water moorage just out back of the house.

Despite this proximity from the ICW, the property is also really close to the Atlantic coast, as well. A quick walk through your own trees, and you’ll be at your own private dock or a couple of blocks in the other direction, and you’re at the Eastern Shore.

driftwood home

The Interior of the Home

Once you are inside the home, the current homeowner’s passion for driftwood and driftwood art becomes very apparent. There are multiple furniture pieces, a staircase, and countless other architectural and decorative touches that take advantage of the warmth and rustic beauty of the material.

The recently remodeled kitchen features stunning Quaker-style cabinets, granite countertops, and an array of stainless steel appliances. The main living space features that beautiful driftwood staircase mentioned above, a sculpture loft that could easily be repurposed, and many other beautiful touches.

driftwood home

The Workshop, Gallery, and Additional Living Space

A separate commercial space at the front of the property is comprised of a large showroom or gallery, a functioning professional workshop – which could be used as it has been for an artist’s studio or for many other potential purposes – and its own office, bathroom, and living quarters with a loft.

driftwood home

For the Right Buyer, This Could Be a Real Dream

This is an amazing property and a fantastic real estate opportunity at just under a million and a half dollars. With water frontage, a great location just a few blocks from the beach, a beautiful little home rich with custom appointments, and a stand-alone shop and gallery with an apartment of its own, this property truly has it all. For the right buyer looking to run their own business and totally into the nautical theme, this could be a dream come true.

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