The 5 Best Cities for Tech Workers to Move to This Fall

by Ben SanfordOctober 10, 2018

California No Longer Has a Stronghold on Tech Jobs

For years, tech workers headed to the sunny shores of California in droves because San Francisco, San Jose, and Los Angeles were where most of the lucrative jobs in the tech industry could be found. Then came the Pacific Northwest’s turn in the barrel. Cities like Seattle, Bellevue, and Tacoma became the hot new kids on the block.

Today, the tech industry has spread its wings across the nation. For those in the industry, finding good jobs no longer requires cross-country travel. Now, there are dozens of smaller markets seeing incredible growth. With that in mind, here are five of the best places to pick from if you want to move to a tech-driven city this fall.

cities with tech jobs

Huntsville, Alabama

Alabama might not be the first state to come to mind when you’re thinking of tech industry jobs, but in Huntsville, you’ll not only find a growing number of tech jobs, you’ll also find an affordable real estate market with quality homes being sold at prices that can’t be beat. What makes Huntsville so friendly to those in the tech field is the fact that it is home to NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. This is where the systems and vehicles used for piloted space flights are designed, built, and tested.

Boulder, Colorado

Boulder is home to tech giants IBM and Seagate, and very soon, the city will be welcoming Google’s latest campus, making it a compelling consideration for tech workers. Another reason why tech workers are attracted to Boulder is that many consider it a stepping stone to eventually get to the Denver-Lakewood-Aurora metro area, as tech workers earn slightly higher salaries there. Boulder is also home to some of the best natural sites in the country, and a strong real estate market that’s overflowing with exceptional properties.

cities with tech jobs

Austin, Texas

Austin is well known for its “weird” lifestyle, but that’s just part of what attracts young workers in the tech field to this locale. Austin is also home to Dell, Samsung, and Apple, just to name a few tech companies; it’s also one of the best places in America for startups. The median income for tech workers is just over $93k, which also isn’t too bad. You’ll need that income too, if you want to be able to afford Austin’s trendsetting environment and the rapidly growing real estate prices that come with it.

Detroit, Michigan

You might be wondering why Detroit is included on this list. The truth is, Detroit is finding its way back and tech jobs are leading the city’s recovery. Auto manufacturers like Ford and GM are still located in Detroit, but these days, their operations are fueled more by automation than elbow grease, and these companies need software engineers to keep everything running and progressing to the future of the auto industry.

Plus, by moving to Detroit, you can also play a part in helping the city come back from the brink. Homes are affordable and empty lots can be purchased for peanuts.

cities with tech jobs

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The City of Brotherly Love is a burgeoning soon-to-be-giant in the tech industry. The city is filled with some of the top colleges and medical institutions in the country, so a lot of its tech industry can be found in education and healthcare sector. The city is also startup-friendly, with new companies always springing up in these and other sectors.

Salaries for tech workers in Philly are also nice, with the average salary coming in at almost $98k. And, with its diverse mix of apartments, condos, row homes, and single-family homes, finding your ideal home in Philadelphia will be easier than you might think.

Need to Find a New Home? Try Today

Sometimes it pays to look outside of the big tech cities to find the job and home of your dreams. The above five cities are on the fast-track to competing with the West Coast. This fall, competition should be expected to be more relaxed in these areas, so you may have an easier time finding gainful employment.

If you want to get into the tech industry in these cities, then you should start planning your move soon. can help you find the home of your dreams to complement your new job and the lifestyle it will afford you.

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