Tips and Tricks for a Successful Move With Your Significant Other

by Alex ThatcherOctober 2, 2018

Moving in with your significant other is an exciting and momentous occasion. You’ve made the romantic step to share a space together and have started searching through various homes and apartments to pick the best fit for you and your partner, but now what? It is an important step and something to look forward to but it’s also important to avoid getting too far ahead of yourself and thoroughly plan the aspects of your initial move. There are a few tips and tricks to avoid move-in day challenges and pitfalls, and a lot of it comes with positive communication between you and your partner and willingness to work together and not against each other.
Couple Moving In

1. Finances

It’s best to discuss money before picking out your new space, but there are many additional expenses that come after you’ve found a home. There are different ways to navigate the home buying process without maxing out your budget or causing additional stress. Hiring a moving company can add several additional price tags, so looking for the right deal is crucial in this portion of the move. Some moving companies offer all-inclusive packages that come with the moving truck, a driver, and a crew to completely negate any strenuous moving activity for you and your significant other. This option tends to be more expensive, but practical if you are on a time crunch and would like the items quickly and safely moved in a single day.

2. Out With the Old

Moving is a perfect time to go through your items to decide which clothing and furniture pieces you’d like to keep and which items you no longer need. Since you and your partner have individual belongings, be sure to package them separate so they are easily distributed once you’ve moved in. Items like work clothes and daily necessities that you won’t be able to wait to unpack are perfect to label with your name or colored tape to ensure you can find what you need quickly. While going through your belongings, pick out clothes, bedding, and towels that are no longer of use and donate them to your local charitable organization, friends, or family. This is an easy way to freshen up your space.

3. In With the New

Depending on how you are organizing your finances, you may have money set aside to spend on new decor and furniture. If you haven’t planned ahead, try to talk about what kind of decor and furniture you anticipate having in your living spaces. Items like large comfortable couches or expandable dining tables are items you may want to invest in so you have a comfortable space to eat, entertain, work from home, or fill out paperwork for the beginning stages of your move. In this case, you’ll want to spend time looking through furniture sites and stores near you for the perfect pieces to add to your new home. Be patient when designing your space, and take it room by room to make sure you do not exceed your budget and to find the perfect pieces that fit both of your tastes and styles.

4. Take Time to Relax

Often times, this step gets lost in the chaos of moving though it seems like it would be the easiest one! From the moment you decide to move in together until the day you are settled in your new home, you will be nonstop planning and organizing. Your move should be something special to reflect on rather than a stressful occasion, so don’t be afraid to take routine mental health breaks. Do activities with your partner, like going for walks or hitting the gym, to relieve any pent up stress that you feel about relocating. Check out sites like Groupon to see any deals on couples massages or dinners for two and unwind after a hard day of packing and prepping.

Overall moving isn’t going to be the fun part of this new chapter together, but by eliminating any additional stressors, this exciting transition will be made a little bit easier!

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