8 DIY Projects to Save for a Snowy Day

by Jess ViceNovember 7, 2018

As a homeowner, it can be really tempting to cram as many house projects as possible into the last perfect days of fall. The weather’s cool and breezy, you can leave the windows open, and the light still lasts until almost 8:00. But then what are you going to do when you’re snowed in or there’s freezing rain outside? Here’s our list of eight DIY projects to save up for a winter’s day – they’re low on fumes, low on cost, and add instant upgrade status to your house.

1. Toilet Seats and Covers

When was the last time you took a good hard look at your toilet seats? Are they scratched, discolored, kinda squishy when you sit? Winter is the perfect time to swap these vital, overlooked parts for something a bit more… throne-like. I hear they even make heated toilet seats that are easy to install yourself.

2. Shower Heads and Faucets

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Every once in a while, I look up in the shower and have a moment of panic over how old my shower head is. This is a simple, 5-minute fix and there are a thousand awesome upgrades available for any kind of shower you can imagine. Why not treat yourself to a new and improved bath time experience, especially in the coldest months when warming up is so important?

3. Light Fixtures and Lamps

Stuck inside? Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) kicking in? Add some light to the corners of your home by installing a simple pendant lamp or changing out the light fixtures for something brighter and more modern. If you want to make it more fun and save a little money, visit Goodwill and the ReStore and see what kinds of creative DIY lamps you can come up with from discarded parts. A lamp kit is only about $18 on Amazon, and they’re easy to put together.

4. Caulk All the Things

You can caulk everything from the cracks under your kickboards in the kitchen to the seals around your tubs to the gaps in doorways and stairwells. Caulking is cheap, easy to do, easy to clean up, and not only seals up all sorts of holes but also visually seals unsightly gaps. It comes in a wide range of colors, to match most any surface you can think of. If you’ve got a particularly large gap, invest in some small backer rod and plug it up before you caulk it over.

5. Cabinet Hardware

An easy makeover for any kitchen or bathroom is replacing the handles on your cabinets – it’s a simple job and your room looks brand new in one afternoon! For inspiration, check out this funky collection of modern pulls on Wayfair.com. Or take your time with Apartment Therapy’s guide to cabinet hardware boutiques. Ready to buy now? Houzz built you a list of the 50 most popular cabinet pulls in 2018.

6. Tile Backsplashes

It used to be that tile was a very precise, demanding job involving water saws and mudding and spacers and stuff most of us very quickly shy away from. But these days, home improvement stores offer pre-set panels of the stuff in a thousand colors and patterns. Snowed in for the weekend? Why not spice up the backsplash over your kitchen sink with a little mosaic? Or fill in those gaps around the powder room mirror with a subtle glint of tile? Here’s a quick how-to from Menards: How to Install a Tile Backsplash.

7. Upholstery Projects

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We’ve stayed away from paint and stain to reduce fumes in your home when it’s too cold to open the windows. But upholstery is a stink-free weekend DIY that will instantly turn a tired piece of furniture into the star of your living room. Dash out of the house to find the new fabric, then roll up the sleeves of your favorite flannel, turn the coffee pot on, and get to work on that ottoman, piano bench, dining room chair set, or rocker seat.

8. Create a Statement Wall

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Nowhere does it say that every room in your house must be drywall covered in paint. Why not take a wintry weekend to dream up a dramatic statement wall in your favorite room? There are tons of bold wallpapers that you could buy (and that are cheaper when you’re only buying for one wall). You could cut and hang pallet wood or log ends for a cozy cabin feel. If you’re into the ultra-modern chic, maybe try white subway tile or transparent glass tiles or these textured wall tiles.

What projects are you saving up for a snowy weekend or blustery winter afternoon? We want to hear them!

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