Best Cities for Veterans to Live in

by Mahogany WaldonNovember 7, 2018

Our partners at Veterans United have compiled the top cities in the country for veterans to live in. This new data ranks cities based on factors like veteran income growth, unemployment rates, and housing affordability. Here at, we have taken a look at the top five cities that made the list below.

View of a veteran saluting the flag of the United States.

  1. San Antonio, Texas

    San Antonio is home to three military bases: Fort Sam Houston, Lackland AFB, and Randolph AFB, so its no wonder the city knows just how to take care of its veterans. The city has a low civilian (7.0 percent) and veteran (5.7 percent) unemployment rates. In addition, San Antonio boasts a 7.5 percent veteran population as well as a healthy economy with lots of businesses owned by veterans (8.2 per 1,000 veterans).

  2. Lincoln, Nebraska

    Lincoln, Nebraska is a scenic, booming town for veterans to live in. The housing affordability is above the national average and the veteran income growth from 2017 is more than seven percent. Lincoln also has three higher education facilities approved for Veteran Affairs (VA) benefits.
    Fall Color Orange Tree Leaves Nebraska State Capital.

  3. Arlington, Texas

    The Lone Star State has made the list twice. Arlington, Texas has a veteran unemployment rate of just five percent and veteran income growth has been more than two percent since 2012. That number is rising as the city has had over 13 percent job growth rate over the last five years. The housing affordability in Arlington is well above average and the median veteran income adjusted for local cost of living is at 33.6 percent, above the national average.

  4. Raleigh, North Carolina

    Raleigh is located in North Carolina’s Historic Research Triangle, an area with top of the line hospitals, research schools, and tech businesses. The city is relatively affordable and veterans are can expect a good quality of life here. There are eight veteran-owned businesses for every 1,000 veterans, veterans have access to eight higher education facilities that accept VA benefits, and only six percent of veterans are living below the poverty line (a number that is hopefully decreasing as the veteran workforce has grown 1.3 percent since 2012.)

  5. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    Oklahoma City, or OKC, has also made the top five on this list. Veteran job growth has seen a whopping 7.1 percent increase since 2012. The veteran unemployment rate is at 4.3 percent and the civilian unemployment rate is at 5.5 percent. There are also more than 10 veteran-owned businesses per 1,000 veterans.

Skyline of Downtown Oklahoma City during twilight
For the full list of cities that are most desirable for veterans, head on over to Veterans United. Happy Veterans Day!

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