Getting Your Exercise at Home When the Weather Turns Cold

by Ben SanfordNovember 19, 2018

Staying in Shape at Home This Winter

When the winter weather comes and it gets colder and wetter outside (depending on where you live), staying inside to get exercise at home can be more of a challenge than it is when it’s warm outside. Whether you’re an avid jogger or cyclist, or you’re someone who gets summer exercise working in the yard, winter can represent a drag on your fitness program.

If, like many homeowners, you prefer getting your workout at home rather than paying top dollar to share equipment at a gym or fitness center, you might be looking for some new ways to keep yourself in shape when the indoor weather hits this winter. Here are some tips for getting your exercise at home when the weather turns cold.

exercise in at home in winter

Winter Weather Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Indoor Weather

Depending on where you live and how cold and icy it gets in the winter, you may be able to keep up an exercise regimen even when it’s colder outside. In fact, according to the good people (and doctors) at the American Heart Association, “exercising in cooler weather has some distinct advantages over working out in warmer weather.”

Going for a walk, jogging, or running outdoors in winter weather, provided that conditions are safe (meaning not so cold that you could injure your lungs, or so slippery that you could fall), can be a great way to catch up on getting your sunlight and vitamin D. It can also be a great way to give your immune system a boost.

exercise in at home in winter

Finding Ways to Workout Indoors

If you’re the kind of person who already has a home gym set up, then you probably don’t need an article like this one to give you pointers on staying in shape at home in the winter. If you’re considering putting in a home gym, we have help for that, too. There are ways to keep the costs at a minimum, and putting in a home gym (no matter how spartan), can be a great way to put unused space in your home to work for you.

But, you don’t necessarily need a home gym to stay in shape at home in the winter months. With a little floor space available, you can practice yoga (more strenuous than it may seem to the uninitiated), do calisthenics and isometric exercises, or even workout along with an exercise video or television program. A few jumping jacks, a handful of wall sits, and a little jogging in place will do wonders for you mood, heart, and immune system.

exercise in at home in winter

The Main Point of Winter Exercise Is to Stay Active

According to Bradley Cardinal, an exercise physiologist featured on WebMD, “the winter months can be brutal for some people’s fitness routines.” The lack of daylight in the northern climates combines with inclement seasonal weather, and many of us find that keeping up with an exercise routine falls victim to other activities, or the holidays, or to seasonal depression.

The trick is to stay active. Exercise itself is an antidote to winter doldrums, so simply finding a way to either get out in the weather or workout indoors is a large part of the solution. A little activity every day is all it takes to keep the winter blues away, and to have you ready and in shape when the weather turns gorgeous and the days get longer again.

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