Innovative Online Tools Now Connect Buyers and Builders

by Cassandra McCullersNovember 15, 2018

Despite all of our exciting advances in technology, buying a new home can still seem like an old game. We still spend countless hours browsing postings of homes for sale, followed by even more hours walking all over unfamiliar neighborhoods looking at homes that can’t help but mirror back the family that currently lives there.

New construction is a popular alternative to buying an existing home, but that path has its own pitfalls and challenges. Typically, you would find a contractor you like and then begin a three to six month ordeal that may not offer as many choices as you had hoped. The ability to “shop around” for new construction has been limited… until now.

New Construction

Driven by enthusiasm for online shopping, cutting unnecessary expenses, and making the most of new technologies to streamline processes, a new platform called Edgewise has been established that puts potential buyers directly in touch with builders on their future and in-progress construction projects. Through this secure platform, buyers can review upcoming renovations and construction in their neighborhoods of interest, track and receive updates on progress, negotiate for your purchase terms and preferences directly with the seller, and get assistance with walk-through inspections and settlement of closing documents.

Edgewise follows in the footsteps of other innovative sources for goods online, tapping into an audience that appreciates the convenience, helpful tools, automatic alerts and information available through digital storefronts. By being able to actively engage with the builder pre-construction, homeowners are able to make informed decisions about upgrades, potentially redirecting funds to the areas they care most about. A home buyer might not care about granite countertops and decide to have Formica put in, allowing more money to be spent on the gorgeous hardwood floors they really want.

Once you have engaged with a builder, Edgewise doesn’t leave you out to dry. Their built-in design studio allows you to customize your new construction, with different options and upgrades available by project. The platform was specifically designed to walk buyers through every step of the process, from planning and site work through finishes and move in. Payments for upgrades are also handled through their secure payment platform and are applied directly to your down payment. Same-day construction updates with photos and videos can be emailed to you as they happen, keeping you informed of each build’s progress and timelines for completion.

Edgewise currently has around 30 builders participating in their platform, with over 65 different projects in cities like Austin, Chicago, Denver, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia, New York, and Toronto. The majority of postings are townhomes and condominiums located in or near downtown areas, perfect for working families who like to live relatively free from maintenance and yard work.

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