A map depicting the most popular cake varieties in several states.
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National Cake Day Treats Across the US

We all know that the best part of Thanksgiving dinner is the dessert that follows. After stuffing your face on Turkey Day, National Cake Day rolls around on November 26th. Here at Homes.com, we’ve compiled a map of some popular cake specialties in the US.

A map depicting the most popular cake varieties in several states.

Who typically bakes the cakes in your family? Do you prefer coconut cake like the people of South Carolina, or Meyer Lemon like California residents?

Other popular cake varieties across the country include red velvet (Arkansas), Smith Island Cake (Maryland), and gooey butter cake (Missouri).

According to The Bulletin, a Central Oregon publication, there are only eight states with an official state cake.

Popular cake flavors that didn’t make our list include dirt cake (Kansas), lane cake (Alabama), and baked Alaska (Alaska).

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