Safe and Stylish: Choosing Home Security that Matches Your Home Design

by Patrick HearnDecember 12, 2018

Take a moment and think about your vision of home security systems. You may think of devices that are bulky and obvious — a necessary addition for safety but not a huge boost to home decor. But this doesn’t have to be the case. With today’s sleek technology, you can blend style and security. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Blending In

The mere presence of a security camera can deter a thief from even attempting a break-in, so it’s a good idea to keep cameras visible. But if you want to hide a security system or security camera, there are options. Keep outdoor cameras high-up, and place them near light fixture or under awnings to make them more unobtrusive. Inside, place cameras on a bookshelf or desk surrounded by plants, books or decorations, so they blend in.

Other security products, like smart locks and smart doorbells, can be hidden in plain sight because of their dual functionality. You will likely have a doorbell anyway, so why not give it a double purpose? Video doorbells can help cut down on package theft and alert you when motion is detected around your door. A smart door lock means you never have to worry about leaving your door unlocked; the devices can be programmed to automatically lock after a set amount of time.

Choosing Styles

The good news is that not all security systems are bulky and unpleasant to look at. Here are some design tips to try:

  • Choose neutral colors that match your color scheme. If you use a lot of neutral, modern colors in your home, a white device works fine. On the other hand, if you have a lot of bright colors in your home, search for a security camera with a black casing. Black tends to go well with any color.
  • Curves beat squares. Boxy shapes might conflict with modern home design, so choose devices with rounded edges rather than devices that have sharper corners. Take a look at smart assistants; these are built to look like a puck and complement modern decor.
  • Upgrade to the latest models. If you have a security camera mounted high on the wall or ceiling, there isn’t much you can do to hide it — and you shouldn’t try. If a thief enters your home, the sight of the camera might be enough to send them running. Just be sure to choose the latest models. Today’s designs are modern and minimal so they won’t pose an unsightly problem in your home.

While security and style can go hand-in-hand, a home looks its best when it’s safe and protected. With that in mind, choose the products that work best for your lifestyle and your home.

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