10 Hottest Real Estate Markets From 2018: Is It Too Late to Make a Move?

by Ben SanfordDecember 31, 2018

To Move or Not to Move? That Is the Question

In 2018, the real estate market saw some serious progress in many local markets around the country. Home values rose and interest rates, while climbing, were still historically low. And in many ways because of these factors, there were several markets across the country that really stood out.

Here are the ten hottest markets from 2018 and what the future looks like for each of them.

best real estate markets 2018

1. Dallas, Texas

Dallas’s real estate market was as hot as the city in the summertime. Strengthened by an excess of new jobs, a higher-than-average annual income, and rising housing values, Dallas enjoyed plenty of activity with newcomers arriving in droves. As for next year, experts predict housing values to climb by another 4.7%, so if you want to get in at a good price, better to start planning your move earlier in 2019 than later.

2. Portland, Oregon

How long Portland can be one of the hottest real estate markets in the country is anybody’s guess, but it certainly was in 2018. For all intents and purposes, the city will most likely find itself in the top ten again next year. Housing values are expected to rise another 3.7% in Portland through 2019. This, coupled with an average annual income of $60k and plenty of jobs available, should mark Portland as a strong contender for anyone looking to move somewhere out of the ordinary.

3. Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville welcomed a lot of new residents in 2018. The history of the city, its musical roots, and of course, its delicious southern food all conspired to make an unbeatable combination for those interested in relocating. But it’s the city’s economy, job opportunities, high average income, and rising home values that convert visitors to residents. With home values expected to rise another 3.8% in 2019, Nashville is looking to remain a strong market to consider relocating to.

best real estate markets 2018

4. Denver, Colorado

Who doesn’t love a city like Denver? The mountains; the clean, crisp air; and an excellent economy made the city practically irresistible in 2018. And like Portland, Denver will also be in the list of top contenders next year. The city has a high average income of $70k, plenty of job openings, and a solid housing market. Experts predict values will rise by 3.0% through 2019, so if you ever dreamed of living in Denver, this is the time to make the move.

5. Austin, Texas

Austin is still weird, but there’s nothing weird about its housing market. The city once beloved by artists for its unique attitude is now attracting young professionals and start-ups, and its economy has flourished as a result. Today, the average household income in Austin is $71k and there are nearly 50,000 job openings. With home values predicted to rise another 3.3% through 2019, it won’t be long until Austin becomes the San Francisco of the south.

6. San Francisco, California

Speaking of San Francisco, the city continued to be the country’s premier high-end housing market in 2018. And, while it can be hard to imagine the city maintaining this kind of progress, it does. Home values are expected to continue to climb in San Francisco by nearly 4% in 2019. With an average annual income reaching near $100k and with nearly 140,000 job openings, the sky really is the limit for those looking to relocate here.

7. Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte is one of the fastest-growing cities in the south. One reason is because Charlotte was rated the #1 Tech Town in the United States by CompTIA in 2018, outperforming North Carolina’s Research Triangle, Austin, San Jose, and San Francisco. The city’s combination of good jobs, a strong housing market, an average annual income of $60k, and southern lifestyle makes it a popular place for young professionals to move to. Plus, its home values are expected to rise by another 4.0% in 2019.

8. Seattle, Washington

Seattle is another staple on this list and it likely will be for several years to come. The city is growing like nobody’s business, and its housing market is one of the hottest in the country. In 2019, it will remain hot with home values expected to rise by an amazing 5.0%! Plenty of good jobs, an average annual income of $79k, and Seattle’s fondness for all things quirky and unexpected make it a top contender for anyone looking to move to a new city in 2019.

9. Raleigh, North Carolina

Representing exactly one-third of the Research Triangle, the city of Raleigh is renowned for its economy, which is driven by education, science, research, and technology. This helps propel Raleigh to having the second-hottest real estate market in the country. Home values are expected to rise by another 3.7% in 2019. The average annual income in Raleigh is nearly $72,000, and while it may not have quite as many job openings as some of the others included on this list, it remains an excellent opportunity for those looking to find affordable housing and a great career in a cosmopolitan city.

best real estate markets 2018

10. San Jose, California

In California, San Francisco gets most of the press when it comes to housing, but it is San Jose that lays claim to having the hottest market in the country. Home to the highest average annual income in the country ($110k) and more than 70,000 job opportunities (most in the tech field), this is where people are flocking to. In 2019, the city will continue to thrive, with housing values expected to climb by a whopping 8.9% before the year is over.

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