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Bel-Air Spec Mansion Shaped Like Propeller on the Market for $56 Million

A propeller-shaped mansion built on spec in Bel-Air is selling for the whopping price of $56 million; what does that kind of money buy today?

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A Home Destined to be Featured in a Movie Coming to a Theater Near You?

The Orum residence, a massive, twenty-thousand square foot mansion built on spec in the Los Angeles community of Bel-Air, has just been put on the market for the whopping asking price of 56 million dollars. This begs the questions: what does 56 million dollars buy these days, and is this home worth that kind of money?

For starters, the home is shaped like a giant propeller, so it’s got that going for it. But seriously, does three homes in one, with a view that extends from the Pacific Ocean to the skyline of Los Angeles, together with the Bel-Air address and nine bedrooms and 15 baths, equal the price tag? Will the gamble of building a home on spec that could fetch that kind of price pay off? We’ll find out on this installment of Surreal Estate!

bel air propellor home

Aside from Its Obvious Potential as the Headquarters of a Future Bond Villain, What Does the Home Have?

“Designed as a living piece of art,”  by well-known architect Zoltan Pali, this glass-wrapped propeller on stilts has been situated to capture the views available to anyone with the funds to purchase them. Beyond the views, the home is an interesting cross between an homage to the mid-century modern architecture that some areas of Los Angeles are known for, and a architect’s rendition of a biomedical research facility that survivors of some impending apocalypse might be drawn to in search of a cure.

At nearly 20,000 square feet divided among three stories across its three wings, the home is “professional athlete’s entire extended family plus entourage” large. It truly is three homes in one, for those who might be looking to either live in an enormous and empty home, or with three families’ worth of people with shared grounds and interior walls.

bel air propellor home

The Grounds vs. the Interiors

Aside from the stellar views, the touted “private double-gated promontory,” the legendary Bel Air community, and the three types of glass featured on this property, what else does $56 million get you in a top-tier LA neighborhood?

In terms of the grounds, it appears, not a whole lot besides the unparalleled views. The home is encircled with cement terraces that provide the potential homeowner with opportunities to take in the surrounding visuals, but the landscaping of the grounds consists of recently planted shrubs and not a whole lot more at this time.

bel air propellor home

The home’s interiors, on the other hand, are quite beautiful in a stark, ultra-modern way. If clean lines and high-end surfaces are your thing, then this might be the perfect home for you, should you be able to afford an $11 million down payment and a monthly mortgage of just over three-hundred grand.

With bathrooms that look like they’ve been sculpted from the latest faucet commercial, a home theater with Dolby, and beautiful blond cabinetry, this house of glass, steel, and concrete just needs a few finishing touches (like a Mondrian original or something) in order to become a home.

bel air propellor home

Ripped Directly From the Pages of Architectural Digest

A home as intentionally iconic as this one won’t be right for just any homeowner – it demands someone truly special. If you have the funding and need the space to entertain Hollywood’s elite, or just to plot your bid to take over the world, this might be just the address for you. At the very least, you’ll have the most amazing and highly coveted aerial drone shots you can share on Instagram!

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