using fabric in decor
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Fabric for the Win: 7 Ways to Use Fabric to Dress Up Your Home

Looking for an easy and affordable way to spruce up your home decor? Find out why fabric is such a great solution and get seven ideas for using it here.

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When it comes to changing the look and feel of a room, applying a fresh coat of paint is often the first thing that comes to mind. But paint can be limited in its scope and range. If you really want to increase your options, then nothing beats the look and feel of fabric, because fabric not only comes in a variety of colors, but it’s also available in different textures and patterns as well. Fabric offers infinite options at an affordable price, and using fabric in home decor can get you the custom look you’re going for.

Using fabric in home decor to transform your look is surprisingly easy and affordable. If you are looking for some inspiration, then here are seven different ways fabric can be used to great effect in just about any home.

using fabric in decor

#1: Create an Accent Wall

A large, highly visual piece of fabric is perfect for creating a unique accent wall. A tapestry works very well in this capacity because they tend to be colorful and feature very intricate designs. Find one large enough to cover the wall, or at least a portion of it, and hang it up. The result is instantaneous and the process only takes minutes to complete.

#2: Create “Paintings” With Fabric

A gorgeous piece of visually interesting fabric can make for a one-of-a-kind piece of wall art. Just take a few different sizes of painting canvases and cut swaths of fabric to size. Pull the fabric tight and staple or glue the fabric to the back side of the canvas frame. Then, hang the frames on the wall in the pattern of your choice. This kind of display always makes for a great conversation piece.

#3: Give Your Home a Moroccan Feel

Choose a color of fabric that complements your room or go with a light gauzy fabric to turn any room in the home a Moroccan respite. Hang one end of the fabric from a rod on the ceiling and collect the other end in a bunch. Secure this end to the ceiling, allowing the middle of the fabric to droop down some. This gives the room a light and airy feel while also making it cozy at the same time.

using fabric in decor

#4: Create a Custom Rug

If you can’t find the rug you want for your room, use fabric to make it. It’ll not only be less expensive than buying a rug, but it’ll also be completely unique and made to your unique style and preferences. All you need is a rug mat, the fabric of your choice, a sewing machine, and a few other materials. In less than an hour, you’ll have a beautiful new rug for your home.

#5: Make Roman Shades

Just about anybody can make curtains out of fabric, but what about Roman shades? Roman shades lift and descend in accordion-like folds, so making one from scratch can be challenging. Instead, take a mini-white blind and attach the fabric to it using a fabric adhesive. Here are more detailed instructions from KariAnne of Thistlewood Farm on how to do it easier and quicker by using pre-existing items than attempting to build it from scratch.

#6: Add Color and Style to Your Lampshades

Most lampshades are bland and boring, so why not use fabric to add some color and style to them? Take the fabric of your choice, cut it to fit the shade, and start attaching it using a hot glue gun and glue. Go light on the glue to prevent large lumps from forming and make sure you use a fabric that’s heavy enough not to become discolored by the glue. It’ll be a lot less expensive than buying a different lampshade, and you can let your imagination go wild.

#7: Make Custom Chair Cushions

For a splash of color in your dining room, you can create custom chair cushions that look great and also make sitting at the table even more comfortable. Chair cushions are easy to make, and you can finish them in a fabric style that’s however sophisticated or whimsical you like.

Save Money and Decorate Your Home With Fabric

Fabric is one of the most resilient and flexible materials out there, but it often falls by the wayside when one thinks about updating their home decor. According to home decor expert and blogger, KariAnne Wood, fabric is often an inexpensive way to update your home. “Think outside the box when it comes to fabric. There are so many affordable fabric alternatives you can use to transform any space in your home for under $100, such as drop cloth, vintage linens and burlap.”

Take the time to find creative ways to use fabric in home decor throughout your house and you’ll love the results. The above are just a few examples of how fabric can change the look and feel of your home, but don’t stop here. Delve deep into your creative mind and see what kind of remarkable transformations you can come up with using fabric!

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