Snowed In? These Winter Craft Ideas Can Keep You Entertained All Night

Snowy days are ahead which means a lot of time will be spent indoors. Here are three winter craft ideas to keep you occupied.

As the holidays wind down, it’s also just about the time the winter months bring lots of time spent indoors because baby it’s still cold outside. All that time spent indoors can also make you a little stir crazy, good thing there are plenty of crafts to keep you occupied.

Sweater Gnome

Using the sleeve from an old sweater, you can make your own winter gnome. Turn the sleeve inside out and use hot glue to fold the bottom of the sleeve over to create a seam.

Flip the sleeve right side out and fit inside a cup. Fill with a couple of cups of white rice leaving enough space at the top to tie off with a rubber band.

Taking a square of felt create a cone and glue along the edge. It’s okay if the bottom comes to a point, we’ll tuck that up inside.

Using faux fur, cut into a triangle, this will be the gnome’s beard. If there is any excess sweater material, put some rice inside and tie off with another rubber band, this will be the gnomes’ nose.

Assemble by hot gluing the beard down first, then the nose. Last, add the hat cover where the beard and the nose meet.

And just like that, you have the cutest little winter gnome.

Wine Cork Trivet

After all the holiday cheer, you may have just a few corks lying around. Group them together to make a trivet. It helps if the corks are the same size, you can always cut them to line up. For this trivet, I rotated the pair to create a cute little design.

Lay down wax paper and start out by hot gluing the pairs. Then as the pair cool, start gluing the pairs to another pair until they are all glued together. Fill in any cracks with the hot glue.

Don’t worry about any excess as the hot glue once cooled, will act as a grip so the trivet doesn’t move.

Map Out Your Love

Remember the days of traveling when you would pull out a map and highlight your road?

Now that we have things like GPS, maps are not as utilized as they once were. Turn a map you have laying around into the perfect little gift or even just a way to tell your love story. For this one, my husband was born in California and I was born in Ohio. We met at The Ohio State University and later moved to South Carolina.

Add a piece of scrapbook paper to the backside of a mat so you know where to place your cutouts. Use acid-free scrapbook glue to secure the cut out states.

Add a little artistic flair with some memorable dates and the perfect quote with an acid-free scrapbook pen.

There you have just a few cute little crafts to pass the time on those chilly winter nights. The best part is, they can be fun for the whole family. Keep the finished products for yourself or get a good jump on some gift ideas for just about anyone you know for this New Year!

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