What Could You Do With a Half-Castle Half-Barn in Gorgeous Vermont?

by Jamey MortonJanuary 31, 2019

Star in Your Own Fantasy Novel

Is it a castle or is it a barn? Or is it something else entirely!? Grahall is one of the most unique homes in Vermont and it is currently on the market. A true one-of-a-kind, this marvelous estate sits perched atop Hawk’s Mountain where it gives you a bird’s-eye view of the unspoiled nature for miles around.

This home is one that’s well suited as the setting in a best-selling fantasy novel, and it can be yours for the asking price of $2,799,000. Buy it and you’ll have confidence knowing that your home is unlike any other in the entire world. After all, it takes a majestic home to carry a name like Grahall.

grahall va home

240+ Acres of Splendor

One of the first things you’ll notice about Grahall is that it looks dubiously like a Scottish castle sitting on the edge of a loch. This is purposeful, because the estate was indeed inspired by those iconic castles from long ago. There’s even two mini-lochs (ponds) near the home to give it the complete impression.

The property also consists of more than 240 acres of lush forests and rolling hills. The home itself was built in 2000 using indigenous Glimmerstone Granite, which was quarried and harvested from the very land on which it sits.

grahall va home

A Tough Exterior and Warm, Inviting Interior

The exterior of Grahall is quite imposing, with its wall of granite being a focal point of the structure. The remainder of the exterior is finished with hardy wood and the roof is long-lasting standing seam metal. The same granite is also used to make a ground-level patio, amphitheater, and retaining wall with steps that take you down to the pond.

Inside is another story entirely, where you’ll find the home to be warm and inviting. Depending on where you’re at in the 7945 square-foot home, you’ll find the floors composed of concrete, slate, stone, softwood, or tile. The vaulted ceilings lend the spaces a sense of airiness and grandeur, and the natural woodwork found throughout the home brings the beauty of the surrounding nature indoors.

Many of the gathering rooms are circular and feature large granite fireplaces. The walls of windows allow plenty of natural light to flood the spaces. The sitting room features a breathtaking 270-degree view of the neighboring mountains, like Okemo.

grahall va home

All the Home You Could Ever Want

Grahall has seven beautifully appointed bedrooms and six bathrooms, and every bedroom offers commanding views of the grounds and countryside. Some even open to the glorious upper level patio. There’s a richly decorated den with natural wood built-in bookcases.

The kitchen is a work of art. It boasts a commercial-grade gas cooktop, a wood stove hook-up and insert, marble counters, dual in-wall ovens, two sinks, and more. The dining room features an extra-long dining table with seating for as many as 17 people.

Too Much Home for You? Rent It Out!

Grahall has a long history of being a popular spot for companies to host corporate retreats. If you find the home is too large or too remote for your liking, then you can still enjoy a very strong income opportunity by purchasing it. Whether you make it available for corporate retreats or you turn it into a rental property, this home is sure to command a hefty rental price.

grahall va home

Enjoy a Fairytale Ending – Submit an Offer on Grahall Today!

Even priced at nearly $2.8 million, one can say this home is worth far more. The experiences you’ll have in this home are sure to be priceless. Just imagine living on 240+ acres in your very own pseudo-castle! Opportunities like this don’t come along often, and when they do, they don’t last long. If you picture yourself living in this unique home, don’t wait! Make an offer today and you just might wind up living your own fairytale.

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