Is Your Home Oscar-Ready? Must-Haves and Nice-To-Haves for the Ultimate Party Space

The 91st Academy Awards is around the corner and if you’re like us here at Homes.com, you’re getting your home ready to entertain and party! After all, who doesn’t like tuning in to a star-studded event, where the actors and actresses from our favorite movies dress up glamorously to receive recognition for their performances? To help you prepare and celebrate the biggest night in film, we’ve created the ultimate outline for the areas in your home that are perfect for hosting, as well as a few key tips. Check out our “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves” below for an ultimate awards party!

    1. Large Viewing Space
      You need a space with ample seating that has a line of sight to the screen, so get creative if you have to! For a small room, place large pillows around your couches and chairs for extra seating (but keep clear walking paths!). For larger rooms, have extra seating on standby just in case you have more guests than intended.
    2. Gourmet Kitchen
      Any kitchen will get the job done, but a gourmet kitchen can set the tone for such a lavish event. A kitchen equipped with stainless steel smart appliances and accessories help make cooking and preparing food less of a headache and more of a pleasantry. Most gourmet kitchens offer more space than an average kitchen which also allows you to have spread that is easier for guests to access.
    3. Renovated Bathroom
      A night full of drinks and food consumption means a your bathroom will be busy. A bathroom suitable for an occasion like this would feature amenities like a wide mirror with vanity-like features and plenty of towel racks. A tip: set up visible storage with items like extra toilet paper, lotion, mints, etc.
    4. Large Patio
      This area can be used in different ways. Weather-permitting, you could host the actual viewing here instead of indoors. Find a projector and a large screen (a white sheet or blank outside wall works, too!), and be sure to have ample seating for all your guests. Or, use the patio for the awards after party! You can crank some music, turn on your string lights, light up the fire pit and dance the night away.
    5. Ample Parking
      Though we realize this can be a bit outside of your control, parking can make or break your guest’s overall experience. If you have a multi-car garage, have it available for parking. If you live in a neighborhood where street parking is more prominent, give your neighbors notice that you’re expecting many guests. You never know, they may even offer their space for you to use as well!

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