Refresh Your Look: What Interior Design Trends Will Take Hold in 2019

by Alex ThatcherFebruary 6, 2019

10 Hot Interior Design Trends to Try This Year

It’s a New Year, so why not freshen up your home’s interior design? After all, last year is already so last year, so there’s no better time than now to introduce fresh colors, patterns, and design styles to make your home cutting-edge for 2019.

Need a little inspiration? Here are ten of the hottest trends to hit the interior design industry this year.

2019 interior design trends

#1: The Color of the Year

If you want to be on-trend in the color department, then the color of the year for 2019 is “Night Watch Green.” This hue of green is a little darker and moodier than hunter green, so it is not a color that can serve as a room’s primary color, unless you really like dark rooms. But it looks great when used as an accent color, and it works in both matte and gloss finishes.

#2: Terrazzo

Terrazzo is a composite material consisting of chips of marble, quartz, granite, glass, or other materials, which gets poured in place or precast. It was all the rage in the 1980s, and this year it is seeing a rebirth or sorts. In fact, it is one of the hottest things going this year. Typically used for floor and wall treatments, designers are finding a variety of other ways to bring this look into homes, including terrazzo tables, wallpaper, and carpets.

#3: Rounded Furniture

Curves are hot this year and rounded furniture is one of the best ways to bring more curves into the home. This includes chairs with rounded backs, oval-shaped sofas, curvy vases, round lamp shades, and round coffee tables.

#4: High-Contrast Neutrals

It’s long been recommended that a home should feature a neutral-toned aesthetic. The same holds true for 2019, but this year, combining contrasting neutrals in the same room is what’s hot. This means pairing light and dark colored neutrals to create more visual interest and drama in the room.

2019 interior design trends

#5: Artisanal Flourishes

It’s 2019, and people are starting to finally wake up to the fact that mass-produced items aren’t the best option for the economy or the planet. This is the year we will see a shift to more artisanal or boutique home décor. Things like hand-honed wood items, hand-made fabrics, and other limited-quantity, high-quality goods.

#6: Colorful Kitchens

Traditionally, kitchens have always looked their best when decorated minimally and painted white. This year, however, expect more color in most kitchen renovations. Instead of stark white, warmer cream colors will serve as the primary. Meanwhile, the cabinets will feature bold colors for a touch of added drama and distinction.

#7: Bold Ceilings

In most homes, the ceilings are painted white or another neutral color because they are often an afterthought in a room. In 2019, ceilings will take a more important role in a room’s design because they will be painted, wallpapered, or feature exposed beams. The ceiling will be a statement piece and the thing that pulls the entire room together.

#8: Patterns Galore

Do you have a patterned rug and pillow set that you love, but they don’t match? In 2019 the trend will be to use them together. Mix and match patterns to your liking, even if they’re total opposites. Anything goes this year as this Old-World style of mismatched patterns, which was birthed out of necessity, comes back into interior design with force.

#9: Mixing Metals and Fabrics

Riding the wave of mismatched patterns, mixing metals and fabrics will also be a highlight in 2019. Think cashmere, wool, and velvet fabrics along with iron, gold-plated, or brass metals. They really shouldn’t go with each other, but you’ll find when you let your inhibitions down and let your creativity flow, they do.

2019 interior design trends

#10: Multifunctional Furnishings

Living with less is a growing trend around the world, and it is so popular it is gaining traction in the interior design world. One way that designers are embracing the minimalistic concept is by designing furnishings that have more than one function. For instance, a sofa that doubles as storage or a desk with built-in bookshelves. The more functions a piece can handle, the less will be required in the room and this is especially important in urban city dwellings.

[images via: Elle Decor, Vurni]

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