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Selling a Home With Space Issues? We’ve Got You Covered!

Maybe you’re a new empty-nester. Or, perhaps the opposite is true and your family has outgrown your current home. Whatever the reason, the issue is clear: you need a change of space! And, we hate to say it, but chances are high that buyers will notice the same pain points when visiting your home.


So, how do you minimize your home’s space issues and maximize their potential?


For Small Homes
For tight spaces, the general rule of thumb is to keep it simple, clean, and bright. Buyers won’t be able to see themselves in your space if it’s full, so here are some tips:

  • Remove extraneous furniture and decor
  • If needed, apply a fresh coat of paint in a neutral, lighter color
  • Swap out personal collections for things like a small plant or decorative vase
  • Remove items like throw blankets and intricate floor rugs (If you need a rug, try to find a simple one in a light color that is almost the same size as the room)


For Large Homes
Though it’s a much less common issue, a home CAN seem too large without some visuals to help sell the space’s potential. Here’s how to make a large space more “homey”:

  • Rearrange furniture to “section” a large room into smaller, cozier spaces
  • Apply a fresh coat of a paint in a neutral, darker color (not too dark, though!)
  • Fill the space with neutral items that will make buyers feel good: plants, vases of fresh flowers, mirrors, and even pieces of art.


Selling a home with space issues can be a challenge, but we’re here to help! For more tips on selling your home, download our free How to Sell Your Home Playbook.

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