Oscar Winner and Black Panther Set Decorator Lists His Southern California Home for $2.2 Million

by Jamey MortonMarch 7, 2019

A Home Decorated by the Black Panther Set Decorator

Hollywood set decorator Jay Hart, who just won his first Academy Award for his work on the blockbuster superhero film Black Panther, has listed his personal home in Palm Springs, CA for a little over two million dollars. The home was reimagined and redecorated by the set decorator and production designer also previously Oscar-nominated for his work on L.A. Confidential and Pleasantville.

The sixty-two year old Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania native got his start in films working on George A. Romero’s Day of the Dead in 1985, putting his interior design degree from Purdue University to work on behalf of multiple directors and their visions throughout the ensuing decades. A home decorated by a celebrated Hollywood set decorator should fetch more than one decorated by just anyone, you would think.

So just what does Jay Hart’s Palm Springs home have in store for its new owners? Let’s take a tour.

home of black panther set designer

Not a Speck of Vibranium to Be Found Anywhere

Hardcore Marvel fan-boys and girls may be disappointed to find that there’s very little in Mr. Hart’s home that would tip off a comic movie fan that he was instrumental to the look and feel of one of Marvel’s biggest cinematic hits, and commercial and critical successes.

The home, situated on Chino Canyon Road in the Chino Canyon neighborhood of Palm Springs, is a contemporary three-bedroom, five-bath home, built in a courtyard style around an in-ground pool. The home has open beam ceilings, and is more subdued in its decoration than one might think the home of a Hollywood set designer would be.

home of black panther set designer

The walls and floors of the home are subdued shades of white, brown, and gray. Interestingly, the home is elevated so that sweeping views of the Coachella Valley and the City of Palm Springs greet visitors and the prospective new owners from many rooms of the house.

The Interior and Exterior Details

The home’s kitchen and baths were completely reimagined and designed by Mr. Hart, as were the pool, driveway, landscapes, gates, exterior stucco, exterior and interior lighting, and the new charcoal grey floors. The open, circular floor plan leads from room to room with great interior flow, giving the eye a break when necessary, and opening into spaces beyond when appropriate.

home of black panther set designer

The home sits on two lots that total more than an acre of desert landscape, designed by the owner to disappear into the somewhat natural environment of the Palm Springs area. The entryway to the home doubles as the courtyard, and pool, giving visitors an immediate sense of respite from the heat and light of the surrounding arid country.

home of black panther set designer

A Home in Palm Springs Reimagined by a Gifted Designer

Touring the home of this celebrated Hollywood set decorator, it is tempting to wonder what the home may have looked like before the designer’s touch was applied. That feeling is fleeting, however, as one is welcomed and guided through the rooms of the home and into the landscape and views beyond, the warmth and beauty of this house blending with the distance surrounding it in the world outside.

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