Selling a Home

Quick Tips for a Smooth Home Transition to a New Owner

In any home-selling transaction, the closing can be the most anticipated part of the entire process. However, it’s not without difficulties. With so many final details before closing, it can be tough to keep things running smoothly. Here are a few helpful tips:

Consider Hiring a Moving Company

While not a requirement, it can ensure that no dents or dings are left behind when moving out. Get a few quotes from reputable companies in your area and be sure to pay special attention to pricing strategies; for example, if a company charges by weight and you own a home gym, you might consider selling your equipment prior to moving or using a different company. Be sure to research any fine print.

Transfer the Utilities

Utilities will need to be transferred to the next owner prior to closing. If the new owners won’t be moving in for a while, be sure to shut off the water to avoid possible pipe bursts that could cause significant water damage.

Don’t Forget the Final Touches

Once you’ve completely moved out of the home, address any repairs or negotiated property changes. Give the home a final, thorough cleaning inside and out and double-check all storage spaces to make sure items haven’t been left behind. Label all the keys to the property and leave them in a safe space like a kitchen drawer.

For more tips on selling your home, download the free How to Sell Your Home Playbook!

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