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Lifestyle Series: Wall To Wall Trends That Are In

Learn about the latest trends in home décor and transform the look of your living room, bathrooms, kitchen, and bedrooms. Top lifestyle trends for 2019.

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Room by Room Trends for Your Home in 2019

Every year brings with it brand-new design trends for the home, and 2019 is certainly no different. Now that we’re a few months into the new year, the trends have fully emerged and they’re already quite different than they were just a year ago.

If you want your home’s décor to be on-trend, here are some of the things you’ll want to include in your interior design, room by room.

interior design trends

Kitchen Décor Trends for 2019

Adding splashes of color is a popular trend this year in kitchens. Once kept mainly white or natural-toned, 2019’s kitchen is being rejuvenated using colorful appliances, often with colors associated with the home’s region. For instance, a kitchen in a coastal home may feature light-blue or teal colors, while a southwestern home might have a kitchen boasting tans, olive green, light yellow, or adobe red colors.

Another popular trend for kitchens this is year is matte black kitchen fixtures. In 2019, shiny chrome and polished nickel faucets are out, and matte black is in. Backsplashes are also seeing some changes this year, with white subway tile being replaced with bold color choices and/or graphic tiles. Replacing lighter countertops with warmer and darker countertops is also popular in kitchens across the country.

Bathroom Décor Trends for 2019

Just as in the kitchen, bathrooms are also seeing a shift from chrome and polished nickel fixtures to matte black, but that isn’t the only option seeing renewed life in 2019. Brass fixtures are also hugely popular this year in the bathroom. Also on the “in-list” this year are trough sinks, sometimes known as bucket sinks. This type of sink has a nostalgic feel to it, and vintage-everything is in this year, so it’s the ideal sink to have if you’re looking to achieve a farmhouse look.

If you’re not a fan of the farmhouse look, don’t worry, because bold, dark bathrooms are also hot this year. Today’s hottest bathroom style is shifting from spa-inspired choices to sultry tones and dark colors that provide the room with a high-end appearance.

interior design trends

Living Room Décor Trends for 2019

The biggest trend to hit the living room this year is biophilia. Biophilia emphasizes humankind’s relationship with nature, so you can expect natural elements to take over the space. This includes things like wood flooring, stone accents, plenty of natural daylight, and live plants. In 2019, home décor for the living room will welcome the return of hand-crafted materials and furnishings.

Minimalism and sustainability are two concepts that are not only important to consider this year, but they are also having an impact on interior design. Living rooms with eclectic clutter and collections are no longer in; instead, homeowners are being more thoughtful about where their furniture, art, and accessories come from, how they’re made, and how sustainable they are. Minimalistic décor means only having what you need, which greatly increases the amount of free space in the room.

Living rooms are also seeing a shift from featuring bold statement upholstery in individual pieces to more textured colors that more completely fill the space. Wallpaper is making another comeback, especially in floral and abstract patterns.

Bedroom Décor Trends for 2019

Bedroom designs are pointing back to the era of comfort, and one element that adds to this atmosphere is the four-poster bed. Plush carpeting is another trend that’s coming back this year.

Expect the bedroom to be the most feminine space in the house in 2019. Trending colors include soft pinks, blush, and bronze. Gendered rooms for the kids will be replaced with colors designed to help encourage creativity, communion with nature, and soothe emotions. Shiny furniture is outdated, with trends pointing to matte-colored bedroom furniture as the hot seller this year.

interior design trends

The Pantone Color of the Year

The Pantone Color of the Year for 2019 is Living Coral. The color is described as “an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.” With the state of the world being what it is these days, the shift from last year’s Ultra Violet to Living Coral introduces an era of warmer and happier tones, reminiscent of the color palettes from the 1970s.

[image via: Pantone]

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