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How to Display Your American Flag Proud and Properly

Kicking off with Memorial Day, Flag Day and Independence Day, the summer season conjures up images of small town patriotic parades, backyard cookouts, and jumping in the neighborhood pool. At the heart of all the pomp and circumstance, Americans observe these holidays to honor our country and the members of the armed forces who helped build it.

As symbolic as it is patriotic, many people choose to display the American flag within their homes and on their properties as part of their celebrations. However, these displays can often violate the federal flag code without anyone being aware of it. For example, did you know that wearing the flag as a costume or draping it as a tablecloth are violations of the federal flag code?

To help you prevent any accidental flag faux pas, we teamed up with the MacArthur Museum in Norfolk, Virginia, where retired Colonel Bill Davis gave us pointers on proper flag etiquette. View our proper American flag etiquette video, and let us know how you’ll be displaying your flag this summer in the comments below!

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