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100 Years of Home Design Trends | Interior Design Through the Decades

As we welcome the new year with open arms, it’s also time to reflect on trends through the past decades. While the roaring ’20s were seemingly a great year, we’re hoping 2020 is filled with just as much– if not more– beautiful home design. Here’s 100 years of home design trends.

Twenty-twenty. The new year is here, came in hot, and has no intentions of slowing down as we power through a new decade. But the most exciting part of it all are the new trends we’re going to see emerge in a time where vintage decor and 1980s trends meet the era of revolutionary technology and modern design. Remember, everything is cyclical and some of the styles we’ve already seen come and go may be on their way back in the upcoming months. So be sure to stay on top of what decor, colors, furniture, and patterns are gaining popularity to keep your home up-to-date and trendy for the new decade.

Before we jump into the new decade, let’s take a look back on what 100 years of home design trends have offered us. From the 1920s to trend predictions for 2020, here’s what you need to know.

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