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Refreshing Your Home Style? Top Trending Tips to Know

While it’s fun to stay on trend and up to date with the newest fads, it can also be intimidating to make a permanent decisions on new home decor and design. Thankfully, retailers have taken notice and created a wide array of products to help design your home in 2020.

Purchasing a house is exciting, but turning that house into a home is the next best step. It’s fun to stay on trend while at the same time defining your personal style, but on the other hand, it can be a bit intimidating to invest in any permanent choices, especially if you’re not in your “forever home”. Thankfully, home decor designers and retailers have taken notice of consumers’ apprehensiveness and have decided to offer a wide array of products to help liven your space, without the long term commitment. 

Choose Playful Colors and Patterns

The easiest and least expensive home renovation project is simply changing out the paint colors in your home. However, not everyone is willing or able to tackle this project year after year, no matter what the color of the year may be. Next to paint, the easiest thing to do is go for a neutral wall color and add pops of colors and patterns through furniture and textiles. If you want to go more neutral on your furniture too, but swap out pillows and throw blankets. Don’t forget to add color through your curtains or rugs. Pillow covers are a great option for even changing out pillows even seasonally. 

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Fun with Wallpaper

What once thought as outdated and messy, wallpaper has drastically changed from years ago. Now, wallpaper can be easily removed with the introduction of peel and stick wallpaper.

Peel and stick wallpaper comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns to add interest and dimension to your walls, but can easily be changed should you change your mind or you style.  Take it a step further and think outside of the box by adding pops of pattern to the back of your kitchen island, the risers of your stairs, your backsplash, or even your ceiling. Truly the possibilities are endless as are your choices. 

Don’t Forget About the Floor

While peel and stick wallpaper has become quite popular, peel and stick floor tile has also made its way into the home decor trend. Geometric shapes and patterns are the most popular and can be found in a variety of colors as well. Not a fan of peel and stick, you can easily update your actual tile floors using stencils in some of the same popular patterns using paint colors that compliment your space.

Then if you’re ready to make a permanent change, tile companies have expanded their product lines to include the same trending patterns. These stencils also work great on walls and backsplashes as well. 

Make it Natural

While the farmhouse trend slowly starts to fade out of the spotlight, the naturalist, or boho, vibe is definitely making a statement. Decor items in their more natural and raw state bring an earthy feel to home decor. Rattan, jute, and woven textures blend well within most already established decor. 


Whether you decide to swap out your curtains or your throw pillows, add a pop of interest with peel and stick wallpaper, or try out a new flooring option, there are tons of options to freshen up your space for this new year. The best part, should you change your mind sooner than later, you can easily change these items with very little effort and minimal cost. Especially when compared to doing a major home renovation. Which is perfect for staying more current with the ever changing trends. 

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