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6 Products to Creatively Make the Most of Your Small Space

In order to make the most of a small space, you have to get creative with how you use products. Here are six ideas to get you started with making your small space feel larger.

As I pack up boxes and prepare to make the big move out of my parents’ house, I’m left wondering how I’m going to make my new, 600-square-foot apartment feel as spacious as the home I’m coming from. Although my new apartment has a relatively generous living area due to the open concept floor plan, I still want to make use of as much “unthought of” space as possible. Rather than utilizing storage containers or organization baskets, which admittedly I just throw my random junk in sooner rather than later, I wanted to find creative ways to store items that will free up some space so I can prioritize what will go where. Here are six products I’m using in an unconventional way to make my small space feel a lot larger.

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Shelving Units for Cabinets

As I mentioned before, bins just don’t cut it for me and when I have a bin on my hands, it will inevitably become an unorganized mess. Using shelving units to add under my bathroom sink or in my kitchen cabinet will allow me to create use of the entire space. And, since I’m all about aesthetics, I found some pretty nice ones on Amazon that are functional, but don’t break the budget.

shelving unit for under the sink small space organization

Pegboard Kitchen Organizer

I love being in the kitchen and cooking something every night, and because of that, I have a ton of kitchen gadgets that are going to take up a lot of my cabinet space. So, in order to free up space that would otherwise be taken over by pots and pans, I’m opting to use a pegboard organization system to hang them from my wall. A heavy duty pegboard with small hooks that will fit through your cookware handles is ideal, like this one I found on Wayfair.

pegboard kitchen organization

Magnetic Spice Rack

I stumbled across magnetic spice jars that allow you to pour whatever seasoning you want into these jars and stick them to the side of your fridge. Some of the bundles you can find on Amazon will even come with premade labels to stick onto your containers. And, if you’re anything like me, your spice rack can be a bit of a mess, so this will really help with organization too. Your options range from glass to stainless steel, and even plastic containers! I opted for magnetic glass containers to be more eco-conscious but you can pick whichever works best for your lifestyle.

magnetic spice rack labels

Over-the-Toilet Storage

You’re probably familiar with over-the-toilet organization if you’ve ever lived in a small space. These shelving units just add an extra layer of space to store away items. However, just because they say these units are for the bathroom doesn’t mean that’s where they need to go. For my apartment, I’m going to use these shelving systems in the laundry or pantry area – the washer and dryer unit is right next to the kitchen, so I can theoretically use it as either or. In the space underneath the shelf, I’ll place either a trash can or a laundry hamper. Use this one from Target as inspiration to put these shelves wherever you see fit!

over the toilet storage for apartment

Wall-mounted Hooks

My first area of concern when moving into my smaller apartment was “Where am I going to put all of my clothes?” And, since I’m not living by myself and I have to take into account my significant other’s clothes as well, which makes it feel ten times harder. Wall-mounted hooks, like these wooden pegs I found on Amazon, are going to free up some closet space so I can hang my accessories like hats, purses and scarves. Or, if I work up the motivation to really clean out my closet, I’ll use these hooks as a way to hang up my outfit for the day the night before.

wall mounted pegs for small space organization

Ottoman Tray

Another area I had to get creative with was creating “tablespace” in our living room. Unfortunately, with the current layout of my apartment, a coffee table is a no-go as it would take up too much room and make things feel cluttered. However, there will be an ottoman, so in order to make the best of both worlds, an ottoman tray, like this round one from Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia at Target, will act as a coffee table – at least for now. 

wooden ottoman tray

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