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Creating the Perfect End-of-Summer Outdoor Space

As the end of summer quickly approaches, we want to be able to enjoy the last few weeks of warm weather as quickly as possible. Here’s how to create the perfect outdoor space.

Summer is ending and we’re all starting to get prepared for the newest season to grace our presence– yup, it’s fall soon. There’s no denying that this summer has been one of the hottest– and most unique– that we’ve lived through yet. Since the pandemic had changed our summer plans of traveling and outdoor fun, we’ve decided we want to end the season and start the first few warm weeks of fall with the perfect place to lounge. Here are some essentials to create an amazing end-of-summer, beginning-of-fall outdoor space.


Start with the Essentials

When designing your outdoor space, we all know the best place to start– furniture! Narrow down your options out there by deciding how many people you want to sit, if you want a table, or if you’d rather purchase a pre-matched set over individual pieces.

Outdoor patio seating
Source: Home Depot

There are a wide variety of outdoor furniture options and arrangements to meet all of your needs. There are sets just for dining, lounging, entertaining, and even sets that combine all three! Don’t feel pressured to purchase enough seating for even the largest party you plan on throwing– just thinking about your family first and regular visitors you have.

Throw Some Shade

If your home isn’t surrounded by lots of trees, create some shady spots with a gazebo, pergola, or umbrellas. Not only will it give yourself and guests a place to take a break from the sun, but it will also help to cool the ground for those who love to kick off their shoes. 

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Stay Hydrated

Create outdoor beverage areas to keep your drinks cold and refreshing. It also helps to keep your guests outside instead of running back and forth inside to grab another drink.  If you have a covered space, you may even want to consider a mini fridge if you use your space a lot. Don’t forget to have a bottle opener handy too. 

Thoughtful Host

Have extra sunscreen, bug spray, and drink holders on hand just in case someone forgot or needs some extras. You can also consider making some small bites like meat and cheese trays, veggies trays, or even some party subs you can cut up into small sandwiches. Check your local restaurants for some party platter ideas and maybe have your friends chip in a few dollars. Not only does it support local businesses, but takes the stress off of figuring out what to bring.

Take Advantage of the Night

When it’s the end of summer and the sun goes down, the weather is almost perfect for outdoor activities. Light up your space with string patio lights, battery operated candles, and other solar powered lighting. Be sure to avoid super bright lights that may attract more bugs, but a warmer, amber glow. 

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Night time is also perfect for hosting an outdoor movie. Use a DIY movie screen and an outdoor projector to show your favorite movie or even favorite TV show. 

outdoor movie setup

Friendly Competition

If you don’t want to just sit around, have various outdoor game stations perfect for keeping yourself, guests, and/ or kiddos entertained. Whether it’s a summer soiree, a backyard barbecue, or even a simple “sit by the fire pit” kind of evening, having a plan to keep young ones (or adult ones) entertained is always a handy idea.

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Protect Your Deck and Feet

Check out deck paints that not only have protection for the wood, but also cooling features to protect your feet from getting too hot. Even though the sun is fun, it can also be damaging to wood surfaces.

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Since it’s no fun to be cooped up inside, taking advantage of the outdoors is still possible. With these tips and tricks you’ll be sure to create a cozy and cool outdoor space for your family and guests. Perfect for creating memories and soaking in the last few weeks of warm weather summer before it turns cooler and we head back inside. 

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