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Home is Where the Bark Is! How Dogs Factor into Our Home Lives surveyed nearly 700 current and former dog owners to discover just how much they factor into our home lives, including where we live and what we love to do with these canine companions. 

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Any dog owner can tell you that dogs are precious members of the family. surveyed nearly 700 current and former dog owners to discover just how much they factor into our home lives, including where we live and what we love to do with these canine companions. 

By the Numbers: A Snapshot of Dog Owners

Of all homeowners surveyed, 77% of them said they are current dog owners. For those who don’t own a home, like renters or adults who have “boomeranged” back home with Mom and Dad, 63% said the same. 58% of respondents said they moved into their current residence with their dog. Broken down by homeownership status, 69% of homeowners answered this way, compared to 48% of non-homeowners.

dogs at home amazon the pack

More Non-Homeowners “Completely” Factor Their Dog into Deciding Where to Live

While 52% of dog owners said they factor their furbaby to some degree when deciding where to live, 27% said that decision revolves “completely” around them. Can’t say we blame them — where else but home can you get greeted with tail wags and kisses simply for walking in the door?

amazon the pack dogs at home
When we broke this question down by housing status, more non-homeowners ranked their dog’s needs as the “complete” priority in choosing a residence than homeowners did (32% to 24%, respectively). This could reflect the frequency of no-pet policies and other limitations in non-owned residence options. 

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Dog Owners Favor Outdoor Space Over Indoor Space

Of the dog owners who said their dogs factor into their residential selections, 45% of them considered an enclosed yard the most integral feature. Ironically, as the coronavirus pandemic has forced many people indoors this year, having enough indoor space didn’t rank nearly as high of a priority; only 15% cited it as a top concern.

Fido’s Favorite Things: Comfort and Neighborhood Strolls

When asked what their dog’s favorite spot in the home is, 47% said their dog prefers “soft” spots like the couch, the dog’s bed, or even their own bed. We agree, Fido… any excuse to binge watch our favorite shows on Amazon Prime Video!

amazon the pack dogs at home survey

But, when they’re not enjoying plush comfort, what are their favorite things to do at home or in their neighborhoods? Fifty-two percent said their dogs prefer more active endeavors. The most popular choice was going for walks (49%), followed by games of fetch (32%), car rides (14%) and swimming in the pool (5%). 

Want an Adventure With Your Pooch? Cross-country Road Trips are a Popular Choice!

41% said if they could have any adventure with their dog, it would be a cross-country road trip. Mountain sports like hiking came in at 27%, followed by water sport activities (13%), touring ancient ruins (8%), cave exploring (8%), and air activities like skydiving (3%).

dogs at home survey

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