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Virtually Tour These Homes for Sale That Radiate St. Patrick’s Day Energy

This Wednesday, we’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, and if you’re looking for other ways to share your excitement, then look no further – these green homes for sale are awaiting your virtual tour!

With the luck of the Irish (and our up-to-date MLS data,) we found some extraordinary green homes for sale just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. This Wednesday, we’re celebrating a fan-favorite holiday at home, and if you’re looking for other ways to share your excitement, then look no further. These green homes for sale are awaiting your virtual tour, so get to tapping through the images and share your favorite listings on Facebook or Instagram!

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An 11-Bedroom New Orleans Green Garden Home

new orleans st patricks day home exterior 1

This home, historically being a bed and breakfast in the heart of Louisiana’s most beloved cities, features a green exterior so bright, you can almost see your future! The 8,471-square-foot estate includes a courtyard with a pool, nd a completely updated interior with details still capturing the historical charm. Listed at a price of $3,100,000, this home is looking for someone to happily call it their own – any takers? Virtually tour this dream estate right here on!

Featherington-style, But Make it Atlanta

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We’ve all seen (and loved) “Bridgerton”, especially the home design and decor. This home is giving us all the Featherington vibes but with an Atlanta, Georgia regal twist. The green exterior features gold accents, making it a St. Patrick’s Day prodigy, and with six bedrooms, seven bathrooms,and more than 6,000 square feet – it’s hard to not feel lucky this home is on the market. The interior features features beautifully carved-wood accents, stained glass, and a modern kitchen making it the perfect place to entertain. Want to take a glimpse inside for yourself? Tour the $2.3 million dollar home now!

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Cottagecore Green in Asheville, North Carolina

asheville nc st patricks day green home 1

A traditional-style home built in 1902, this jaw dropping green home is located in the inviting city of Asheville, North Carolina. Sitting above the trees on a raised lot, this listing is even home a fairy garden – which is perfect for the St. Patrick’s Day vibes we’re looking for. You’ll feel like you escaped reality and settled down in the perfect chateau for you and your family with this $1.45 million home. An on-site spa, solarium, and expansive front porch makes this the homeowner’s paradise. Be sure to take a virtual tour of this home before it’s gone!

asheville nc st patricks day green home 1

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