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May 25, 2017

5 Ways to Welcome New Neighbors

As someone who recently moved into a new home, I can’t overstate the positive impact of being welcomed by friendly neighbors. From a purely logistical standpoint, moving is an intimidating, daunting prospect, and those stresses are compounded by the emotional worries of whether or not you will love your new neighborhood as much as your last, and if your family will feel at home in your new surroundings. The good news is that neighbors who share a friendly gesture of kindness can do so much to ease that burden! Today, I’m sharing four very easy ideas to welcome new neighbors into the neighborhood fold.

Say hello.

This is the simplest possible gesture, but it [...]

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September 10, 2013

5 Essentials Not to Pack on a Moving Truck

Regardless of whether you are hiring out movers or doing the heavy lifting on your own, it's an inevitable reality of moving that things can get misplaced, lost or damaged. Because of this, there are a few essential items that should always be personally transported from one home to the other instead of placed at risk in transit on a moving truck. What are some of these items? Read on to find out!... [read more]
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August 9, 2013

4 Ways to Connect With a New City

Once the movers have come and gone and the unpacking is more or less complete, the fun part of a move to a new city can begin: getting to know your new surroundings! Aside from the typical jumping-off points of work, school and church, there are plenty of other ways to help you connect with and get to know the town you’ll now call home. Today I’m sharing four great ways to connect with a new city and meet new people in the process.

Get to know your neighbors.

In years past, meeting and getting to know neighbors used to be a given of everyday life, but as our schedules have become increasingly hectic over the course of the last few decades, less importance has been [...]

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July 30, 2013

4 Ways to Make Moving Easier for Children

Moving to a new home is a very exciting time in the life of a family, but it can also present many emotional and practical challenges for small children, who tend to rely on, and greatly appreciate the comfort found in their everyday routines. Leaving behind familiarity to start life in a new home, school and community is a scary prospect for kids of all ages, and being in the midst of a cross-country move with my own family, I have faced these challenges on a very personal level. Today I am passing along some key ways to make the transition for children into life in a new home be as easy as possible, regardless of whether your move takes you across town or across the country... [read more]
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July 16, 2013

6 Key Takeaways from a Home Listing

With today's technology, nearly anyone in the real estate business will tell you that a very sizable portion of the house-hunting process is now done online, with photos, house information and more available any time of day at prospective buyers' fingertips. This immediate access to information can be a great asset to buyers, but it can be difficult to distill the large amount of information in an online listing down to the most important data to help you find the perfect house. Today, we'll discuss six very important things to look for in a house listing on, and how to use that information to help you find the right home for you... [read more]
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July 12, 2013

5 Ways to Make Your Home Stand Out to Potential Buyers

It is very wise for those wanting to sell a home as quickly as possible to put a best foot forward for potential buyers, and especially those who come in to take a physical walk-through of the property. A number of factors are key in making a home stand out head and shoulders from the rest during walk-throughs, and today we'll discuss five ways to ensure your home is the one that makes the most memorable impression on potential buyers... [read more]
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June 13, 2013

5 Unexpected Places to Clean Before Listing a Home

With summer upon us, the housing market is starting to heat up. A crucial aspect of readying a home to place on the market is taking time to thoroughly, meticulously clean, both inside and out. There are obvious areas that most home owners will tackle first when it comes to the cleaning process, but today's ideas go beyond the standard cleaning tasks to alert you to areas that might get overlooked in the cleaning hustle and bustle. Taking time to detail these areas along with the obvious ones will ensure you don't overlook an eyesore that might ultimately deter an interested buyer!... [read more]
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June 5, 2013

6 Simple Tips for Great Home Listing Photos

When it comes to listing a home, there are few things more important than having beautiful photos that will make a lasting impression on potential buyers. With so much of the home-purchasing process now done online, great photos will ensure that interested buyers step away from their computer screen and venture over to your home for a closer look... [read more]
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