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October 12, 2017

Niche Marketing and Home Staging – Making the Most of Your Market

Staging a home for sale is generally done to make a residence appeal to the broadest range of potential buyers. Neutral colors, decluttered closets, and avoiding décor that reflects specific interests are all typically a great idea! The more buyers that can see themselves living in your home, the more potential offers that could come rolling in, which generally means a faster sale with a bigger bottom line. And it works! In a survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors, 31% of agents reported that staging increased a home’s value by one to five percent, and 62% of agents noted that staging decreases the amount of time a home may spend on the market.

However, [...]

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October 9, 2017

Home Factors to Consider When House Hunting: New Orleans and Denver

When deciding on a place to live and work, there are many factors to keep in mind, and weighing the pros and cons of each place can be a great way to narrow down a field of choices. Two cities that are worth contrasting are New Orleans, Louisiana and Denver, Colorado. These are two very different locations with unique points of interest and value. Although the climate can be very different in these areas, both cities offer a wonderful array of cultural events, activities, and natural environments for the whole family to explore and enjoy.

Weather and Climate

New Orleans is one of the wettest cities in the U.S., with an average of 64 inches of rain and 59 sunny days each year. [...]

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October 5, 2017

Are Any of These Spooky Architectural Staples in Your Neighborhood?

America has long had a fascination with incorporating the odd, spooky, quirky, and even supernatural in its architectural designs and aesthetics. Our country was founded by people from all over the globe as a melting-pot of different cultures and backgrounds, bringing with them a wide range of superstitions, beliefs, and traditions, many of which are reflected in architecture. So next time you are out for a walk in your neighborhood and notice something unusual in the way a house is designed or painted, take the time to research that oddity – you may learn something new about the history of your town and the beliefs of its founding families.

Witch Windows

Most common in [...]

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September 25, 2017

Which Washington D.C. Home Architectural Design Is Best for You?

While most guides focus on the monumental architecture scattered across Washington D.C., the everyday or vernacular architecture of our nation’s capital is a treasure trove of history and style. Wandering the streets of Washington can be like traveling back in time, offering a first-hand glimpse of changes over time to the design, aesthetics and style of American homes and businesses.

via Rent Cafe

There are two elements that strongly define D.C.’s unique architecture: the building type and the architectural style. The building type can be thought of as the bones of the building – [...]

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September 20, 2017

How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs in Your Garden and Home

While there are over 4,000 different species of stink bugs, two that most commonly plague cities are the brown Halyomorpha halys and the green Chinavia halaris, both displaying a distinctive shield-shaped body and incredibly foul smell. Stink bugs are an invasive species native to countries in Asia and are one of the biggest threats to vegetables and fruits grown in the mid-Atlantic states. Stink bugs will puncture tasty fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants, sucking the nutrients out of them and decimating your local crops. Recently, scientists have had some success battling these invaders with another invasive species–tiny wasps, but before you consider starting [...]

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September 11, 2017

City Spotlight: Virginia Beach, Virginia

If you’re are looking for a fun, vibrant city with beautiful summers and mild winters, Virginia Beach, Virginia might be just what you are looking for! This wonderful resort city includes a famous three-mile boardwalk that stretches along the oceanfront, offering easy access to a fabulous array of shops, restaurants, museums and attractions. The city also sits near the meeting point between the saltwater Atlantic Ocean and freshwater Chesapeake Bay, creating a unique ecosystem for turtles, fish and rays.

Weather and Climate

Virginia Beach has a humid climate, with cold winters that often have light snowfall and hot summers. Spring and summer are the wettest seasons. The [...]

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September 5, 2017

20 Home Cooling Hacks to Save You Money

In many places across the nation, including Orlando, New Orleans, and Sacramento, one of the summer’s toughest challenges can be keeping cool. Power bills soar – in Orlando, Florida, running the air conditioning can easily cost you anywhere from six hundred to well over a thousand dollars a year, depending on the efficiency of your unit. Across the nation, most people spend $52 to $350 per month to run air conditioning nine hours a day. These twenty tips and tricks will help you keep cool throughout the summer, without breaking your bank account.

1) Close curtains, shutters, and blinds, especially when not at home, to block the sun’s warming rays.

Try to [...]

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August 31, 2017

Sunburn Relief: 8 Natural Remedies to Beat the Heat

From its wind-swept beaches and tropical forests to exciting dining, shopping, and cultural events, Honolulu, Hawaii is one of the most spectacular locations in the United States. There are many wonderful sights to see and things you can get in Honolulu, but the one thing you don’t want is a painful sunburn! As the southern-most U.S. state and located less than 1,500 miles north of the equator, Honolulu gets significantly stronger sun exposure than other American cities. Daytime in the summer months are often periods of extreme risk for harmful sun exposure, which can lead to anything from an uncomfortable sunburn to skin cancer after prolonged exposure.

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