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August 11, 2017

5 Great Cities Where Housing Is Super Cheap

Finding a Place Where the Living Is Easy

These days, more Americans are rediscovering the joys of urban living. The new metropolitan renaissance has many proponents, from younger people who want to be close to the action and have access, to the employment opportunities and amenities found in larger cities, to empty-nesters eager to live out their golden years surrounded by high culture and ample convenience.

The most popular destinations have seen dramatic increases in housing prices as of late, but there are still plenty of great cities where buying into the American Dream is still affordable. Check out these five urban areas now, where homes are still super [...]

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August 7, 2017

10 Household Uses for Nuts

How Can I use nuts around the house?

Everyone knows that nuts are a great source of protein (they’re also a great story line for the movie The Nut Job 2!) but did you know that you can add almond butter to your smoothies, use them in everyday cooking, and they even work as a substitute for eggs and dairy (ever had vegan cashew ice cream?) You did? But you may not have realized that nuts are also extremely versatile for a variety of simple household repairs.

Holy macadamia! 1) Use Soap Nuts as Detergent

Soap nuts are made from a naturally occurring soap within a berry shell from a plant in the Himalayas. The natural soap is called saponin, which forms a lather when [...]

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June 26, 2017

How Amazon Is Helping Shape the Future of 5 States

Amazon’s Economic Development Is Growing: Good News for the Housing Market

Amazon has grown from an online bookseller to the largest Internet retailer in the world. And just recently, the company has turned its eye to the grocery business, with its aim of acquiring Whole Foods for a jaw-dropping $13.7 billion.

It can be said with some confidence that Amazon’s multi-level sales strategy is helping the company reach heights never thought imaginable. But, that’s not the only thing that’s driving Amazon’s growth.

The company’s economic development team has quietly worked to secure millions of dollars in tax credits and incentives to help [...]

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June 1, 2017

2017 Moving Trends in America

To move or not to move? That is the question…

A recent study conducted by found that 50% of Americans haven’t moved in the last 10 years. Of those that have moved more than five times in 10 years, the overwhelming majority are millennials in the 25-34 age bracket. So what’s holding the rest of the population back? Moving can sometimes feel like a financial burden, and women were 35% more likely than men to say that moving was a financial stressor. It is extremely important to budget in order to better facilitate the moving process and avoid any potential surprises. 57.4% of female respondents and 42.6% of male respondents reported that their last move [...]

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April 28, 2017

Where Are the Best Chicago Neighborhoods and Suburbs to Buy a Home?

Chicago’s home prices have increased a great deal lately, peaking at levels similar to those during the real estate crash in 2007. According to Chicago Magazine, the real estate market for the metro area today is nothing short of complicated as it currently trails the rest of the country’s residential market. According to the CoreLogic Case-Shiller Indexes, Chicago experienced a 4.5% increase in single family homes in 2016, while there was a 7.2% increase nationwide. While some areas have continued to grow at a steady pace towards full recovery from the market crash, there are some towns and neighborhoods that lag due to “little inventory and sky-high prices.” [...]

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April 13, 2017

4 Ways to Cut Your Electric Bill Costs

We all love to save a little money, right? Well according to CNBC, you can slash your electric bill by killing ‘vampire’ power drains. Below, you can find the four tips that they give to help you save money in your home.

1. Timed Power Cut-Offs

via Amazon

Tip 1- Unplug devices when they have fully charged or when they are not in use Tip 2- Prompt “sleep mode” settings on your devices after a certain amount of time Tip 3- Purchase conserve-brand switches and/or conserve power strips to shut off the power of devices by the flip of a switch or a remote switch Tip 4- Purchase Energy Star [...]
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April 12, 2017

Are You Hoarding Treasure in Your Basement?

According to CNBC and USA Today, you may be hoarding a piece of junk that could potentially be worth thousands of dollars! If you are one of those people who like to keep things “just in case it comes back in style” or because it “might accrue value over time,” today may be your lucky day! Take a look through your odds and ends to see if you have one of these 10 items.

Lunar Globe, by Denoyer-Geppert

possible value: $4,250

via Pinterest

Civil War-Era Telegraph Key

possible value: $1,000-$1,500

via [...]

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March 29, 2017

The Lifecycle of a Linen Closet

Stocking Up for Every Life Stage

Your linen closet says a lot about you. From the type of towels you use to the state of your sheets, these everyday decisions can reflect where you are in your life — whether you’re settling in to your first apartment or you’re an empty-nester with a weakness for fine Egyptian cotton.

As your needs and wants evolve at every age and stage, you’re sure to encounter some questions when it comes time to shop for new linens. We’ll help you navigate the world of thread counts, fabric density and textile trends so you can build the perfect linen closet for your lifestyle.

College Grads: Towels

Towels are often the [...]

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