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February 15, 2018

Top 5 Fashion Capitals of the Eastern US

The time of the year that most fashionistas (Editor: like myself) love is among us: New York Fashion Week! It’s the one week of the year where our eyes look like deer caught in headlights due to the new and innovative looks that fashion designers and brands showcase for the upcoming seasons. Just like those popular brands and designers whose names ring bells, there are states and cities that are known to be the “go-to” for all things fashion. It’s no surprise that New York is and has always been one of the top four fashion capitals but what about the other cities and states that get overshadowed by their tough competition? Well, below we shine a light on some [...]

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February 14, 2018

#HereForTheRightReasons: An Analytical Bachelor Breakdown

Like most people, the team is obsessed with The Bachelor, and with just six contestants remaining, we can’t wait to see how Arie’s season ends.

While the end of a season and the selection of a winner is the obvious highlight of the show, there was actually something we noticed at the start of the season that got us thinking a little deeper when it comes to America’s favorite reality show. Namely, it felt like there were a lot of Laurens on the show.

Sure enough, there were four different Laurens, making it the most common first name for contestants this season… The more we thought about this excess of Laurens, we wondered what the most [...]

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February 7, 2018

How To Make Money With Airbnb – Best & Worst Cities

The Best and Worst Cities For Making Money on Airbnb

Airbnb has revolutionized the way people live when they are away from home, giving everyone an alternative to hit-or-miss hospitality industry mainstays like hotels, motels, and hostels. Travelers can now choose from a variety of unique and comfortable places to stay all around the world with the click of a button. Airbnb has made this process so easy for people looking for a place to stay, giving them access to reviews left by previous guests and photos of the spaces in question, while also allowing customers to filter their search results according to a number of different criteria so that they can find a rental of the right size [...]

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February 5, 2018

Luxury Home Features – What is Most Common?

Luxury Listings: Our Research on the Most Common Features

Across the country, Americans both young and old find themselves daydreaming of moving into a luxury home. Million dollar listings have become a popular topic as millennials watch the mind-blowing homes sold on reality TV and as popular gossip magazines share photos of celebrity mansions. But, where can you find the best luxury homes for sale? What luxury features really matter to Americans?

We were interested in uncovering some of the most common trends in luxury home sales in 2017 so we did a little digging into our internal data and broke down the amenities, price, and room count for each listing in the US over [...]

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December 22, 2017

Last Minute Ways to Decorate Your Front Door for the Holidays

The holiday weekend is rolling in faster than we can grasp, and one of the first things guests will notice during the holidays is your home’s holiday spirit. From animated Santa displays to a lit up snowman, without going over the top like the holiday lights you see in your local parks, there are some little items you can add to be just as jovial. Now, you could put the same old wreath up that you do every year. Or, you could do something entirely out of the box and unique. So, if you’d rather welcome your company with something that’s still beautiful, and a little different this year, check out the ideas below:

Refurbished Sled

Use an old or vintage sled. [...]

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December 20, 2017

Holiday Star Wars: The Battle of Lights vs. Cheer

Tis’ the season to be jolly and deck the halls with boughs of holly! As Christmas approaches, many homeowners have opted-in to make their home a veritable holiday display through the use of plants, wreaths, Christmas inflatables, holiday string lights, laser lighting and more. And while decorating the outside of your home is intended to manifest Christmas cheer to passersby, we can also expect the holiday spirit to draw out some healthy competition amongst neighbors.

We surveyed 2,000 Americans to find out what lengths people are going to this holiday season to outdo their neighbors with festive displays, holiday parties, and good old-fashioned decorations! You’ll [...]

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December 7, 2017

Imagining the Homes of Iconic Video Game Characters

Many of us have fond memories of being a kid sitting at home in front of a TV, controller or joystick in hand, hoping for high scores and boasting rights at school. Classic video games pair childhood nostalgia with addictive entertainment making the environments in these games as iconic as the characters themselves.

As fans of all things homes, we decided to reimagine what these protagonists’ homes would be and illustrate them using for sale ads, with listings sourced by an 80’s sounding real estate agent, 64 Bit Realty (named after the Commodore 64 gaming console, which came with 64 kilobytes of RAM).

Of course, the truly unforgettable video game of each [...]

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November 21, 2017

What do NFL Fans Look for in a New Home?

It’s the season that football fans look forward to year-round: each Sunday, NFL fans can be found posted up on their sofa with their eyes glued to their TV screens, or tossing back a few beers and several dozen wings at their favorite sports bar as they watch their favorite team take on the competition. Cheering on your team or rooting for the enemy to lose is a favorite pastime of many Americans. In fact, NFL fandom can bring complete strangers together.

But, what else do football fans have in common besides their love of the sport? At, we’re always curious as to what Americans prioritize when shopping for a new home. With NFL fans top of mind this time [...]

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November 15, 2017

5 Tips to Avoid Thanksgiving Disasters

Turkey time will be here before you know it, which means Thanksgiving Day preparation is among us. Although traditions and plans vary among families, many would agree that a lot of planning goes into this memory filled feast from the turkey and meal preparation to the entertainment for the guest. When certain precautions are not taken, Thanksgiving has the potential to be the most horrifying holiday of them all. To help take a load off, we are giving you five tips to keep in mind this Thanksgiving season in order to avoid having a Turkey Day disaster!

Tip Number One: Plan ahead!

Whether you are the host or hostess who does all of the food preparation or the turkey day chief [...]

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August 11, 2017

5 Great Cities Where Housing Is Super Cheap

Finding a Place Where the Living Is Easy

These days, more Americans are rediscovering the joys of urban living. The new metropolitan renaissance has many proponents, from younger people who want to be close to the action and have access, to the employment opportunities and amenities found in larger cities, to empty-nesters eager to live out their golden years surrounded by high culture and ample convenience.

The most popular destinations have seen dramatic increases in housing prices as of late, but there are still plenty of great cities where buying into the American Dream is still affordable. Check out these five urban areas now, where homes are still super [...]

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August 7, 2017

10 Household Uses for Nuts

How Can I use nuts around the house?

Everyone knows that nuts are a great source of protein (they’re also a great story line for the movie The Nut Job 2!) but did you know that you can add almond butter to your smoothies, use them in everyday cooking, and they even work as a substitute for eggs and dairy (ever had vegan cashew ice cream?) You did? But you may not have realized that nuts are also extremely versatile for a variety of simple household repairs.

Holy macadamia! 1) Use Soap Nuts as Detergent

Soap nuts are made from a naturally occurring soap within a berry shell from a plant in the Himalayas. The natural soap is called saponin, which forms a lather when [...]

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June 26, 2017

How Amazon Is Helping Shape the Future of 5 States

Amazon’s Economic Development Is Growing: Good News for the Housing Market

Amazon has grown from an online bookseller to the largest Internet retailer in the world. And just recently, the company has turned its eye to the grocery business, with its aim of acquiring Whole Foods for a jaw-dropping $13.7 billion.

It can be said with some confidence that Amazon’s multi-level sales strategy is helping the company reach heights never thought imaginable. But, that’s not the only thing that’s driving Amazon’s growth.

The company’s economic development team has quietly worked to secure millions of dollars in tax credits and incentives to help [...]

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