Grant Simmons

Grant is the Vice President of Search Marketing for Grant plays a key role in navigating the complexities of the search engine optimization landscape. He has been described as an online marketing strategist, motivator, and idea machine; however, he prefers father, sailor & expat Brit.


New Homes

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Kitchen Sink

Nutty Cities

The team went nuts finding several street names and locations that are so nutty, Surly and his friends (from The Nut Job 2) may reconsider relocating to one of these tasty-sounding towns. You may *think* we’re nuts, but how about the folks living in Nuttsville, Virginia, or the defenders of Nutter Fort, West Virginia? With almost 20,000 cities, towns and villages in the US, you’d expect a little bit of nuttiness to creep into some of those locations’ names.